Kylie Bettink

Natalie Ebrington
29th October 2013
Treasa Harkin
30th October 2013

My first impression of Beijing was ‘freezing’ and I thanked mum aloud for making me wear all my coats on the plane to save space in my luggage. The more I looked around the more I fell in love with the busy, sing-song atmosphere (you were learn very quickly that singing aloud whilst waltzing down the street is perfectly normal… the Chinese love to sing!).

For my internship I worked for an international law firm. My manager gave me challenging tasks and I quickly adapted to the Chinese working environment. I was taken out for lunch and was treated to a huge 3 course meal on my last day. My manager was a lovely man highly accredited in the international legal field. He wrote me a stellar reference which has been commended by potential employers since the completion of my internship.

Karaeoke Bars, 5 storey nightclubs, snack street, the silk markets and of course the Great Wall are all part of the Beijing experience. I was quick to make friends with the other interns living in my building. We went out together, ate together and travelled to work together every day. It was my main concern travelling to China that I would be alone for the whole month, but the CRCC Asia team do everything in their power to make your experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

I have made friends from all over Australia and New Zealand who I still keep in contact with and plan to visit this year. I can’t stress enough that it is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever encountered. Chinese culture is not something that can be put into words; it is something that must be experienced first-hand.