Fiona Woodfield

Treasa Harkin
30th October 2013
Christine Lisowski
4th November 2013

“Hi name is Fiona Woodfield, I’m from Wellington, New Zealand where I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I chose to work in the Marketing Sector, I’m in the International Marketing Intern at a small handbag design company here in Shanghai. I’ve had a chance to work on a number of interesting projects, I’m involved with the lookbook for Issue 14 working on photoshoots and direction of the issue.

The support provided by CRCC Asia has been amazing, it wouldn’t have been possible to do this without them. Everything that they organise for us has been great, it would have been such a hassle to do on my own.

I’ve really loved living here in Shanghai, I’ve traveled lots of other places in the world and nothing has really come close to the craziness of living in Shanghai. I’m not ready to leave!”