Christine Lisowski

A month before starting graduate studies I decided I needed a break from school. I wanted to travel and gain real world experience. After searching high and low for the perfect opportunity, I stumbled upon CRCC Asia; I am glad I did! The 2-month language and internship program in Beijing was one of the best experiences I have had to date. I know it may sound cliché but I stand by it 100%.

The lifestyle in Beijing is matchless; being able to try new foods, see historical/modern sites and learn about a different culture was incredible. The way that CRCC helps you to adjust and feel at home is vital. They set up social and cultural events that encourage you to spend time with the other interns while discovering all the wonderful things that China has to offer.

The language lessons were interesting and very helpful. I was taught one on one; the staff was extremely friendly and eager to share the language with an equally excited student. The internship that I was placed in was exactly what I had hoped for as well. I worked at an international hospital in the market research department. I was able to develop my own project while contributing to others, a truly rewarding task.

I would highly recommend CRCC Asia language/internship program. I have met lifelong friends, gained invaluable work experience and learned so much about a unique culture. This was an unforgettable opportunity and I am thankful to CRCC Asia for making it all possible!