David Kane

Stacey Giunta
16th January 2014
Andrea Albani
27th January 2014

My experience in China through CRCC’s Internship program was personally, professionally and culturally rewarding and I would highly recommend that anyone travel to China through the program.  I met groups of wonderful people not only from China, but from all over the world through personal and professional networking while in Beijing.

CRCC Asia provided extremely comfortable accommodations and support throughout the program.   The apartments and living arrangements were top notch and were in close proximity to all forms of transportation (ie trains and cabs) that made travel around the city extremely easy and convenient.

The staff was made up of a very friendly, knowledgeable and hardworking staff that was always there to provide guidance and support when needed.  CRCC’s initial orientation, presentations and welcome dinner also helped make acclimating to the Chinese culture and daily life simple.

I participated in the intensive mandarin course my first month and was truly able to apply a great deal of the language that I learned to my everyday interactions.  The language class helped provide the comfort level that was needed to interact with the Chinese at the markets, in the cabs and at all the major sites throughout Beijing (ie The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace etc.).  Learning Mandarin also helped me to better understand China’s culture and communication styles that would benefit me throughout my time in Beijing.  After my first month I worked for an International Consulting firm that provided professional services in consulting and project management to international businesses seeking to enter the Chinese market.  CRCC worked diligently to find me an internship in this area at my request because I was interested in gaining experience in consulting.  The firm I worked for was owned and operated by Spanish brothers and was predominantly made up of local Chinese staff, but also an internationally diverse group of employees that all worked to provide various project management, research, consulting and other professional services to worldwide business clients seeking entry into the Chinese market.  There was never a lack of work as I consistently had multiple projects to work on both independently and in project teams.  I learned a great deal about how business works in China as well as the consulting industry and my manager was always conscientious about making sure that I was getting the most out of my experience.

CRCC also provided the opportunity to network with other interns and professionals through events arranged by their staff that included amazingly entertaining nights at the Chinese acrobat show, KTV, Tai Chi at the Olympic stadium and professional networking with the American Chamber of Commerce and participation at an event hosted by the owners of a vastly growing Pizza Food Chain throughout China called Gung Ho.  These events provided us all with the opportunity to meet a great group of friends as well as develop a furthered understanding of the societal and business culture in China, the ever increasing professional opportunities that exist in China and the exorbitant amount of foreign presence throughout the country.

CRCC Asia’s internship program also provided me the experience I needed to complete a cross cultural management study as credit towards my MBA.  My report was thorough, exhaustive and required in depth analysis of how to manage and work in cross cultural teams in China.  My report included research, analysis and guidance supported by personal observation, professional interviews and in depth research of various sources I had obtained while living in China.  I would not have been able to complete my report and obtain MBA credit without the opportunity that was provided to me by CRCC Asia.

On a personal level, I managed to meet and make so many great friends from all over the world that I am still in contact with to this day.  Through local volunteering with the Chinese American Service League and continued study of the Mandarin language I am still actively involved with the Chinese community and is mainly motivated by the great experience I had in Beijing.  My experience in China was better than I could have ever hoped for and I certainly plan to return there one way or the other in the near future.  I greatly thank CRCC Asia for providing me the opportunity to experience something I know I will not only ever forget, but will benefit from both personally and professionally throughout my lifetime.