Hazman Abu Hassan

Joining CRCC Asia’s internship program was one of my best decisions ever made as I met groups of wonderful people not only from China, but from all over the world through personal acquaintances and professional networking event.

The comfortable accommodations and support given by the staff throughout the program make transitioning to the Chinese culture and daily life simple. The apartments were close to all forms of transportation (ie trains and cabs) that made travel around the city extremely easy and convenient. The opportunity to network with other interns and professionals through events arranged by their staff that included amazingly entertaining nights at the dumplings class, KTV and professional networking events were rewarding. These events provided us all with the opportunity to meet a great group of friends as well as develop a furthered understanding of the culture in China.

The professional experience I gained in Shanghai was beyond anything I could have gained even though it was only for a short two months. I worked for a wealth management company. They provide financial planning solutions tailored to private clients especially expatriates. I was responsible for various telemarketing tasks, including searching for contacts from Spanish Chamber and UK expatriates.

In conclusion, I managed to meet and make so many great friends from all over the world that I am still in contact with to this day using WeChat. My experience in China was better than I could have ever hoped for and I certainly plan to return there one way or the other in the near future.