Pallavi Malladi

Christianne Johnson
11th February 2014
Lino Bellucci
25th February 2014

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful my experience was! I interned for an international chamber of commerce in Shanghai and quickly realised that a 1 month internship was definitely not enough. Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn’t able to extend but that month was absolutely unforgettable.

Working was an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience. My colleagues welcomed me warmly and quickly integrated me into the team. I was given a number of tasks ranging from statistical data analysis, organising Business Networking Events to creating the Board Member’s Handbook, all of which significantly assisted me in building and further honing my technical and soft skills.

Aside from a great internship placement, the social life outside of work is amazing! You truly do make friends for life. I had the opportunity to meet the other interns, many of whom I’m still in frequent contact with. There is never a dull moment. There is always something to do, be it going out for the tasty local food, traveling around Shanghai’s iconic sites or experiencing the never ending night life.

CRCC Asia was beyond helpful before and during my stay and the accommodation was excellent! I gained so much in terms of my professional and personal experiences. I highly recommend this internship!

As I had only just completed my 1st year of University when I did my internship, I cannot conclusively say how it has or will impact my professional career except that it can only be a good thing! Having international experience is a great way of distinguishing the CV from amongst hundreds of potential candidates. I am sure that when the time comes for me to apply for graduate positions, my internship at CanCham and the skills I gained will give me a competitive edge.