Dimitris Efthyvoulou

When i chose to come to Hong Kong I was expecting two things: The first thing was to gain new professional knowledge and experience. The second was to learn more about china,its people and its culture. After spending almost three months here, I must say that I feel very justified for this choice.

Starting from the place Hong Kong is a small, beautiful city with many green areas, parks and beaches. People are very friendly and warm and this is very useful, especially if your Chinese are limited. The weather is also nice and suitable for visiting places around or going to the beach. Our apartment had a very good view of city center and was very convenient in terms of shopping, transportation or entertainment.

I worked at a leading spa and resort in Hong Kong. Although i didn’t have any prior experience at a hotel before,my colleagues were friendly and cooperative and that helped me to adapt easily to my new working environment. They also helped with my Chinese so that i could interact better with the Chinese guests. In the last three weeks,the managers of the hotel supported my idea to have cross training in order to understand the operation of each hotel’s department and how they are connected together. I have learned a lot from this experience and i really appreciate their help.

As for the cultural part,the CRCC Asia team organized some interesting cultural activities like visiting local villages and i had a very good time along with the other participants of the programme. I saw and i learned many new things so that i am able now to understand more the country and its people.

To sum up, these three months in Hong Kong was definitely a life changing experience for me. I would definitely recommend it. Just be prepared and open minded to embrace it.

Special thanks to CRCC team in Hong Kong, Andreea and Serena for their support. Excellent job girls!