Ena Lee

What is your name, age, educational background, and professional industry?

My name is Ena, I am 26 years old, with a Bachelor in Business Management at RMIT University, currently undertaking my MBA in Marketing & branding in consumer goods industry, and advertising with the Melbourne Business School of the University of Melbourne.

What program are you doing with CRCC Asia?

China Internship program

Where are you from?


How is Beijing alike and/or different from your home city?

Similar in terms of skyscrapers, traffic etc. But what strikes me most interesting is the depth of culture here in Beijing, really intrigues me.

What kind of work are you doing at your internship?

Media strategy for the firm, support in creation of brand designs, proposals, marketing & PR programs

What other things have you been doing outside of work while in Beijing?

Travelling about to places of attractions, visiting art galleries, soaking in Beijing basically.

What do you think you are learning or gaining from the program?

How to do business in China & the importance of guan xi.

What was the most surprising thing about the program and/or Beijing?

Most surprising has been the depth of the history, cultural heritage of Beijing.

What has been the best thing about the program and/or Beijing?

Exploring about Beijing, absorbing and immersing in the culture of  Beijing – great wall of china, forbidden city, 798 etc

When you leave, what will you miss most about the city?

My colleagues

What are your plans/aspirations after you finish your internship?

Either secure a job in China / return back to Singapore, to do marketing & branding within a consumer goods industry

Do you have any final impressions of CRCC Asia that you would like to add?

Meticulous planning & agency that really takes care of us – from large things such accommodation to small details such as name cards.