Fraser Bell

Sarah Fliesher
9th July 2014
Giovanni Scalco
29th July 2014

My internship in Beijing over the past 4 weeks has been an experience I will treasure for years to come. China has taken me out of my comfort zone in nearly every aspect of my life. From zip- lining across Longqing Gorge, eating scorpion or even just playing football and basketball with the locals, it has been enlightening to see how a completely parallel culture lives. It was amazing to see in person some of the great wonders of the world and the heritage behind them. Getting pictures with the locals at The Forbidden City or seeing the sunrise while camping on the Great Wall of China are just some of the things I will never forget.

My internship was in a local hospital where I was able to hold a diverse role in the company. My main area was in the pharmacy department where I was organising stock, meeting patients, discussing treatment plans and giving medication to clients. Furthermore I was keen to find out how daily practises went on in the marketing department and I was able to create PowerPoints and organise a children’s first aid day for the hospital gaining valuable experience for the future.

I have also had the chance to make some amazing friends from all corners of the globe all coming to China to learn and travel, made it easy to form bonds quickly. All in all CRCC Asia have created a great opportunity to learn and travel through China and become immersed in its culture. It has unquestionably gave me a different perspective of its society and the people that make up this country. I will definitely be back to China in the future.