Andrew Waters

Veronica Giacomelli
3rd September 2014
Daniela Palermo
11th September 2014

As a business development/marketing intern through CRCC Asia, I was placed at a luxury Chinese outbound travel agency. While working there, I was able to work on two major influential projects for the company.

Because the company is attempting to grasp a large market share in the exponentially growing Chinese cruise industry, I had the assignment of contacting representatives from multiple cruise lines to seek partnerships and negotiate commission based on the future Chinese tourists who would book their cruises through our agency. By the end of my internship, I had successfully reached a level of agreement with eleven cruise lines on a future partnership or had obtained officially signed partnership contracts.

I was also given the task of performing market research for Best Tours to advise them on situations of importance in their immediate future. I also conducted primary and secondary research to advise the company on their upcoming online actions, ways to work with international companies, and the benefits of Chinese social media exposure, as well as provide information on domestic and international trends in the cruise industry.

The CEO and IT team were very grateful for these accomplishments and informed me of their plans to use my research in the coming months. They even sent it to the head of the company’s U.S. branch. My time as an intern ended with a job offer for future summer breaks from university at any of their three offices in Beijing, Xi’an, or Honolulu, Hawaii.

Looking back on my time as an intern through CRCC Asia, I realize the value of the international work experience that I have gained. I was blessed to avoid the stereotypical experience of the “coffee and copies” intern, and was instead able to step outside of my comfort zone on the complete opposite side of the world to contribute to a company’s future. I will always remember and appreciate my time interning in China