Daniela Palermo

Andrew Waters
5th September 2014
Diego Baquedano
16th September 2014

“I interned at a leading digital marketing agency that provides digital strategy, online performance marketing, as well as e-commerce and multichannel integration. For the first two weeks, I learned a lot about e-commerce in China. I was in charge of publishing 3-5 blog posts per day online to maximize the company’s SEO. I also researched fast fashion, e-commerce channels, and social networking sites in China. By the end of the second week, I was assigned to work on a project for a very important client. I collaborated with other interns to set up an online flagship store for the client’s brand. In addition, I performed primary and secondary research to develop a unique Chinese digital multi-channel strategy for ten other clients representing a wide range of brands such as Esprit, Tiffany, and Biovea. To identify consumer groups, I studied market trends and market segmentation using two Chinese keyword research tools: Baidu Index and Taobao Index. I analyzed digital marketing, promotions, and operations of local Chinese and international competitors to identify how these brands are selling online in China. Finally, I developed presentations for each of these clients individually, detailing the results of the data and analysis.

From the beginning of the internship I felt like I was given a huge amount of responsibility. My supervisor assigned me to important group projects. She taught me how to tailor each research task and presentation to meet the clients’ needs. Eventually, my colleagues’ work was presented, together with my own research, to the clients themselves. In the end, it always felt great knowing that your work actually mattered.

Reflecting on these past months, I can say that I found this whole experience to be overall enriching. I gained valuable insight and acquired new skills that will allow me to succeed in today’s global economy. I learned to cope and communicate in a foreign working environment and gained a basic understanding of business practices in China. Interning abroad proved my adaptability and broadened my global perspective on life, both personally and professionally. After this internship, I am positive that with my strong set of interpersonal skills I will excel in any business by effectively communicating in this ever-changing competitive marketplace.”