Jocelyn Yapmi-Tchaptchet

Justyna Tyszka
22nd October 2014
Tomás C. Candel
31st October 2014

China was such a great experience in many ways for me. Before travelling to Shenzhen, I had never travelled to a country where the time difference was more than two hours. I say this first because I never truly realised how something so trivial can have such a drastic impact on your functionality on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully from the get-go, the CEO and founder of the company I was working at, sat me down to let me know that he understood the time it would take in order to adjust to the new environment and tried to ensure that it would be a smooth transition. I’ve never had this problem before so it definitely made me feel welcome and reassured knowing that I was a priority for my employer. As the weeks went on I found it a lot easier to integrate myself into the workplace and I regularly socialized with my colleagues by going for drinks, visiting the beach and watching football among other things.

The work environment itself was a joy. I worked at a video game outsourcing company, and they prided themselves on promoting a very causal, friendly workplace which encouraged my productivity and enabled me to learn worthwhile skills that I can utilise for my future career.

CRCC Asia provided me with an outstanding platform to experience all these things and more through the two month internship program. The program helped me professionally but also gave me a chance to experience the social and cultural side to China.