Hardeep L.

Giulia Funghi
3rd December 2014
Héctor Ortega
16th January 2015

It was clear to me that upon graduating from my post-secondary degree program I was prepared for something brand new, exciting and out of my comfort zone. It was crucial to me that I embrace my passion for culture and travel again (since I have studied abroad previously), this time by embarking on an adventure to the far East. I was quick to learn about CRCC Asia, and before I knew it, I was starting my internship in Shanghai with this amazing organization that had made everything come to reality seamlessly. In Shanghai, I gained practical experience beyond a classroom setting, observing and learning firsthand what the entire huff about emerging China was all really about. In fact, Shanghai is a very modern and cosmopolitan city that truly exceeded my expectations. It is a bustling center for finance, art, fashion and culture yet manages to maintain its many traditional monuments and showcase its ancient history side-by-side. Having the evenings and weekends to myself allowed me to explore this city in the company of amazing friends (my fellow interns) and do a lot of sight-seeing and the usual touristy activities despite having a full-time internship. I was working for a Chinese financial services firm operating across Asia, in the heart of financial district in Pudong. I had an incredible team of coworkers who eased my transition into their workplace and provided help and support wherever it was needed. To put it simply, Shanghai has taught me so much and has been an eye-opener into what other possibilities lay ahead for me. I am so happy to have had the chance to intern with CRCC Asia and gain first-hand knowledge of the way of business and life in modern China. I can attest that the internship program was indeed a huge step forward in my journey and that I will continue to reflect on its experience to shape my next steps.