Marcus Campbell

Brent Alexander Newton
24th April 2015
Stefano Bignolini
5th May 2015

Whilst in China I was fortunate enough to work for 2 companies; a biomedical engineering firm and a major Chinese investment bank. Most of the work within the biomedical engineering firm was design and market research based whilst at the investment bank I was researching global companies (comparing business models, operations and financials), global indexes, property and markets for investment opportunity and viability. One of the most memorable experiences was when I was assigned to assess venture capital prospects for Chinese investors at an international technology seminar with presenters being heads of business development at Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, Politecnico Di Milano and George Washington University. Global tech entrepreneurs from Italy, America and Scotland also pitched their concepts and innovations. I represented my firm in networking with these individuals and was lucky enough to be introduced and meet some of the most prominent names in Chinese finance and investment. It was a great experience and gave me so much exposure!

The CRCC team were extremely helpful throughout the internship – organising weekly events for interns (KTV is king), checking up on us weekly and helping us in times of need (a couple of us fell ill and they drove us personally to hospital). The accommodation was fantastic and way beyond what I was expecting – our apartments were cleaned regularly and were fully furnished on arrival with a fully individual functioning kitchen, lounge room and bathroom/laundry. Gym facilities were present within the complex and any service imaginable was available – it seriously felt like living in a hotel for 3 months with great mates! Needless to say having fellow interns in the same apartment complex was fantastic as big group outings and drinking nights were plentiful! I couldn’t imagine any better standards of living!

The internship was great and gave me some relevant work experience that is highly desired of graduates. As a final year student, I was offered 3 graduate roles in Sydney within both mid-tier and big 4 accounting firms. The internship and experience in China definitely gave me a huge advantage over other graduate applicants and helped me further differentiate myself.

I definitely had the best time of my life whilst living and working in Shenzhen. I gained a lot of self-confidence from living alone and socializing every day with fellow interns and Chinese colleagues. I am now able to better express myself and opinions which is extremely important. On a personal level, I made so many close friends from the experience (fellow interns, colleagues and my current girlfriend). I think the highlights of the internship program for me were that you could live and work in China and experience the culture and lifestyle here from more of a residential view rather than as a tourist. Also, the connections made whilst working in China and the friendships with other interns whom are also highly focused and talented are something that I value highly and will keep for the future!

I definitely see myself returning to China at some stage for work and business opportunities in the future – it holds a fast paced environment and lifestyle that is both highly enjoyable and stimulating. Also the focus on networking and connections (both for work and personal) really appealed to me. I’m already planning to revisit China again at the end of this year.