Laura Hughes

Tell us about your placement: What type of company do you work for in Shenzhen?
I work for a financial services company in Shenzhen. We help foreign investors set up businesses in the city. The main services offered are incorporation and set up, government registrations and tax compliance, banking and cashier services, accounting and administration services.
What were your responsibilities?
At first, my work was mainly research based, with some proof-reading and printing but not too much. I also occasionally answered the telephone and signed for deliveries. There was a lot of new information to take in and it was essential for me to have a good knowledge of Chinese accounting and finance before being able to complete any important tasks. By the second month I had a sound enough knowledge that I was able to contribute a lot more to the company. I worked mainly on fee schedules, drafting service proposals, providing important information to clients about their financial structures and any government laws or tax reforms that might affect them.
Have you enjoyed your working relationship with your colleagues and supervisor?
My colleagues have been very nice and helpful. My supervisor in particular is very close to me. We go to lunch together every day and she has shown me around the area I work. She has never left me without any work to do and every day she has some new challenges for me.
What have you enjoyed most about Shenzhen? What will you miss most?
The food! It’s so cheap and yummy. Highly recommend the bao zi (stuffed steamed buns). Also, the people I have met I am sure will be lifelong friends. The other interns are so friendly and it’s nice to have someone to go out for dinner with in the evenings (more food) and sightseeing at the weekends. I will definitely be coming back to China!