Chloe Bryer

Martyn Pointer
24th August 2015
Fabrizio Aicardi
1st September 2015

Living in Shenzhen was the most enjoyable, challenging and fun two months I could possibly have asked for. It was a unique experience, from the workplace to becoming immersed into Chinese culture, and I have definitely gained valuable legal skills from working abroad in a Chinese and International firm. I worked at Dacheng Law Offices, a firm which has recently merged with Dentons, and not only gained an insight into the Chinese legal sphere but also became part of its community. My tasks at Dacheng involved proof-reading and editing bilingual contracts, note-taking during bilingual conference calls, attending client meetings, writing and editing emails to prospective clients and researching Joint Ventures and Cross Border Acquisitions. I have been able to expand on my knowledge about the Chinese legal system – which is rapidly evolving, by having first-hand experience within a Chinese law firm and having a great boss who took the time to explain certain projects to me. My boss also took me to play golf and clearly loved Cantonese food, since we only ever went to traditional Cantonese restaurants! My work experience in China has given me a new perspective on working and living abroad, and has enabled me to become more acquainted with Chinese business culture.

CRCC Asia organised everything from transportation from the airport, to the metro card used each day to travel to work. There was a welcome pack provided upon arrival and the accommodation was brilliant. Once adjusted to the daily commute and office life, living in Shenzhen was a lot of fun! Highlights included the Dafen Oil Village, Dongmen (the Times Square of Shenzhen) and it’s famous toilet cafe, visiting Guilin and Yangshuo (where parts of Avatar were shot) and becoming friends with a bunch of like-minded and aspirational interns. I truly enjoyed my time living in Shenzhen and would encourage anyone who wants an adventure, and who wants to embrace a culture different from their own, to rise to the challenge and intern abroad.