Delna Karanjia

Abiola Ladipo
4th September 2015
Pei Shan Yuen
8th September 2015

Having heard about CRCC from my travels around China with its partner company the Dragon Trip two years ago (a trip I highly recommend!) I was very keen to make my return to China. CRCC made this possible and provided me with an incredible summer, both career wise and for the overall experience!

The support and guidance of CRCC made the trip both as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Surrounded by a group of like-minded interns, you instantly feel at home. Shanghai provides the perfect backdrop to explore all aspects of city life; from street food to weekend trips out of the city, as well as exploring its fast paced and incredibly fun nightlife, there is never a dull moment. I spent much of my time trying out as many different experiences as possible, from river cruises across the Bund, to cocktails up skyscrapers and sightseeing the local temples.

As an international business student, I could see no better opportunity to gain experience than intern abroad, and my time at Daxue market consultancy firm confirmed this. I found conducting research into the Chinese business market to be extremely insightful; not only did it fuel my interest in the Chinese economy but also enhanced my knowledge and understanding of business practise in China! My placement also opened my eyes to a variety of career options; from the variety of tasks I was assigned I was surprised to find I most enjoyed writing media articles. Now thanks to CRCC I plan to explore career options I had previously not considered! In addition to the work placement, CRCC were fantastic at organising network events across the city. This not only gave me the opportunity to explore different parts of Shanghai, but also to mingle with a variety of influential business figures and transfer knowledge I had gained from work into practise.

My CRCC internship provided me with an unforgettable experience, and my only regret is not staying longer! Having enjoyed my time working abroad so much, I am excited to do so again in the future, thank you again CRCC!