Pei Shan Yuen

Delna Karanjia
7th September 2015
Pablo González Vallejo
8th September 2015

I worked for a global social enterprise called d.light. The company produces and distributes affordable solar energy solution for households and small businesses replacing the traditional and deadly kerosene. This enterprise aims to improve the lives of the two billion people in the developing world that live without access to reliable energy.

Working in the finance department, I was given the Hong Kong entities accounts to look after. I learnt a lot about how to apply accounting to real life scenarios when an extreme circumstance appears. I was able to help them do the end of the month accounts which developed my balance sheet skills.

Finally, the firm as a whole was genuinely helpful and if your are eager to learn they will help you develop your skills. My colleagues, especially my supervisor, were really nice and understanding. I learnt a lot during this internship.

I really enjoyed the night life in Shenzhen, it’s very different to London. Shops closes quite late and there is plenty of entertainment everywhere you go. This is one aspect of Shenzhen that I will miss the most.