Navin Dhillon

Federica Caiazzo
10th February 2016
Elanor Wolverson
11th October 2016

As someone who has never travelled abroad myself I was quite nervous when boarding the plane from London to Hong Kong, however those nerves did not last long, and the moment I witnessed the mesmeric view across the bridge which overlooked the fabulous Hong Kong bay I knew that this was the place for me. My internship took place in a small to medium sized Chinese law firm, which in my eyes was the perfect place for me to develop my legal skills. As an aspiring lawyer, the lack of a notable hierarchy within the firm meant that I could develop a good working relationship with the managing partner and carry out tasks of vital importance to the company. I gained a great insight into the Chinese legal community, business culture and etiquette during my time in Shenzhen. I also gained a valuable insight into the Chinese language, which I plan to learn when I am back at university. The work I handled varied from tasks such as proof reading the company website and drafting documents for its Hong Kong clients, to advising the company on its Google AdWords campaign and also providing sound advice on how the company can develop a stronger presence on Western social media platforms. In this regard, I was handed a considerable amount of responsiblity and I will serve as the company’s European Representative in the future.

The assistance CRCC Asia provided for me throughout the whole process was invaluable. Their assistance ranged from providing a full pack of Shenzhen essentials such as a topped up chinese SIM card and a Shenzhen metro card, which are very important for daily life. They also provided a great introductory meeting which provided a valuable insight into Chinese culture and the nuances and differences compared to life in the UK, while also highlighting important concepts such as Guanxi and Mianzi. The leaving ceremony was also very informative, with tips on how to work in China in the future as an expat. Interning through CRCC Asia has been a fabulous and enlightening experience for me. I was able to immerse myself in a completely different culture, visit exquisite surroundings (such as Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong) and the chance to experience life working for a Chinese law firm was invaluable and will stand me in great stead for my future career. Therefore, I highly recommend this program to current university students or recent graduates.