Top Tips to Ace Working Remotely

Top Tips to Ace Working Remotely
CRCC Asia is no stranger to remote work, and have many staff who work full-time remotely as well as others who are able to work 1+ days remotely. We have compiled our best remote working tips below to keep you working health, happy and productively at home!

Create a Workspace

Accept that distractions will be more frequent than when working in the office, and create a space that helps you minimize them. Without an office culture to do the environment management for you, invest the time in doing it for yourself! If spending 30 minutes to clean your home or set up a desk makes you more productive overall, the investment will be well worth it. - Katina Dell'Acqua-Lubich, Director of Finance, based in HCMC, Vietnam

Check-in to Start Your Day and Throughout

 Aim to check in with colleagues online every morning at or near the start of the workday - it makes everyone more approachable and takes away any doubt that everyone is "on-it" and ready to go.  - Ed Holroyd Pearce, CRCC Asia Co-Founder, based in London, UK

Keep Your Work Habits from Office to Home Consistent

Work as if one were working from the office by starting the day exactly the way if one were to work from the office with having breakfast, showering, dressing up in formals or business casuals, packing lunch, etc. to making a plan for the day and sticking to it. Keep the same routine and use the additional time (as the commute isn't necessary anymore) to do something you usually don't have the time for like: laundry, reading, drawing, meditation, etc. - Raksha Kini - General Manager, based in Mumbai, India

Keep the Coffee Brewing

Just like at the office I keep coffee readily available throughout the day. - Andy Radelet, Head of Admissions, based in Philadelphia, PA

Be Open About Your key Priorities and Active Projects

Since you are no longer sitting next to colleagues and your boss it may be hard to keep track of your day-to-day priorities. Ensure you share your main projects for the day/week and outline when you're expecting to collaborate with people on something. This can be done through applications such as Trello or simply through email. - Jillian Low, Director of University Partnerships, remotely based in Baltimore, MD

Create a Checklist

First thing in the morning, read through emails and then schedule out your day based on high and low priorities and deadlines. This helps to keep me focused and on track. - Kelen Townsend, University Partnerships Manager, remotely based in Charlotte, NC

Don't Overwork Yourself

When I first worked remotely, I started working 2 to 3 hours more per day simply because I had more time available to work, making remote work a bit of a nightmare. - Julian Rosilio - Business Development Manager, based in Tokyo, Japan

Try to Leave the Apartment/House at Some Point

Take a walk on your lunch break or change working areas. Staying in the same place for the entire day is not good for the mind. - Olly Grazebrook, Legal Counsel, based in Philadelphia, PA