Directors' letter

Welcome to CRCC Asia

CRCC Asia remains committed to running the largest International Internship programs in the world, with over 7000 alumni from more than 150 countries. We believe that our three Mainland China locations coupled with newly launched internship programs in Vietnam, Japan and the UK offer a broad range of experiences, encompassing the sectors, cultural knowledge and employability skills that young people need in today’s world.

We are pleased to have grown our portfolio of program offerings to include a Travel component through our partners The Dragon Trip, a coding & digital marketing course in Shenzhen and a China Campus Experience in Beijing. All programs are focused on providing participants with key transferable skills, which will benefit their future employability, alongside a comprehensive and fulfilling social calendar, to ensure that worldwide contacts and networks are developed.

The USA, UK and Australia regions continue to comprise the highest application numbers for our programs, and we have increased the number of university partnerships in all those locations. The co-directors of the company, Daniel Nivern and Edward Holroyd Pearce, have exhibited and presented at numerous industry events, such as the NAFSA, The Forum on Education Abroad, BUTEX and EAIE and we remain committed to the development of the Global Internships Conference, where best practice in the industry is shared.

CRCC Asia is also proud to commit to equal access, ensuring as many people as possible, no matter their financial background, can participate in our programs. We have been running the British Council’s Generation UK program for the past five years, which aims to send 15,000 students from the UK to China. In the US, our partnerships have grown threefold and we are now working with over 30 US universities to run customized programs, in active support of the US government’s 100,000 Strong Initiative. Australian institutions have been particularly keen to work with CRCC Asia to provide international Internships, benefitting from funding from government sources including The New Colombo Plan. In recognition of CRCC Asia’s work, we were very pleased to have won the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the British Business Awards in China and the Cathay Pacific China Business Award, as well as receiving media coverage in various outlets including CNBC, BBC News, The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.

Our commitment to CRCC Asia program alumni remains as strong as ever, with the launch of our Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund. CRCC Asia to date has built up its investment portfolio and now has four significant holdings in businesses, which relate to China or to students (or both), and we hope to add value and foster creative thinking and growth in these fine young enterprises.

As always, we are reliant on our incredible colleagues who not only do their utmost for every element of the program and the company as a whole, but also make our working lives fulfilling and pleasurable.

Yours Sincerely,
Daniel Nivern, Edward Holroyd Pearce and Thomas Kirkwood