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“I interned at a Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, which was really interesting as I have never worked for a not-for-profit company before. My main task was to compile their annual report, outlining what they did, what they achieved and what they hope to achieve in the future.”

“The accommodation was amazing, a lot better than I thought it was going to be. All the other interns in Shanghai are in the same building, so there is always someone around to have a chat to.”

“I worked at an insurance brokerage during my internship in Shanghai. Being an insurance brokerage, the work is very client based. I worked on their Customer Relationship Model (CRM), did lots of talking with the director, and produced reports and review on the latest trends in the market.”

“Working with Chinese colleagues was a real eye-opener. There are cultural differences but aren’t as huge as expected. It is a very positive things to learn how to act within the Chinese market.”

“I got offered a job here. Opportunity is just around the corner in China! CRCC were a massive part of building the foundations and getting you into the rights places.”

“I worked in a local Chinese law firm, where all my colleagues were Chinese. I did a lot of research on western law and worked on many different projects. I helped my colleagues review many contracts written in English, I got to participate in meetings. This is the main difference from internships at home – I did research and then got to see where it went.”

“The language Shanghai Internship program was great. I loved the extra free time as well as learning about the language and culture.”

“China is the best of both worlds. I definitely want to focus on Chinese law and become an expert on that. You can network and try and get a job here, which is not hard as an expat.”


“I worked within the NGO sector mainly with projects at schools and with youth, teaching them good environmental habits and with animals.”

“The weekly social events were good. KTV was a particular highlight for everyone. Also the dumpling making and volunteer events helped to keep everyone motivated and interested over the month.”

“I chose to come to Beijing to get international experience and to help me find employment when I graduate. I believe I have done that!”

“I worked at Christie’s Auction House and was directly involved in all aspects of the one of their biannual auctions. Work tasks included implementation of the auction, PR, advertising and being knowledgeable about the works of art, their expected value and the price they actually sold for.”

“The social events that CRCC put on were absolutely amazing – the Welcome Banquet was great, and KTV was amazing – the acrobatics show was definitely amazing too. All the things we organised ourselves, CRCC was more than willing to give us hints and tips on what to do or see.”

“My internship in Shanghai 100% affected everything – I am doing my dissertation on the luxury market in China. I gained a huge insight working at Christie’s with my primary research being aided by my colleagues from there. If I hadn’t done this internship, I would know which direction to be heading in.”

“I worked at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, where I liaised between business that are starting up and already established in Shanghai and integrating themselves into the Chinese market. I also helped coordinate events and attend networking events.”

“The Bund is a fantastic place to go in Shanghai – especially if you can get into the bars (e.g. Bar Rouge) as you get a fantastic view of the skyline.”

“I chose CRCC Asia because China is all about who you know, not what you know, so my placement was perfect. I made contact and networked with important people and got my name across. I am still in contact with the people I worked with at the Spanish Chamber, and on my behalf are sending my CV throughout their network. I plan to return to Shanghai in the next few weeks and am hoping to secure a job.”

“I worked in a Chinese marketing company called Imagine Displays for two months in 2010. Imagine Displays branded German and US company products in Beijing. I also helped with the website and assisted the Director with organising and attending business meetings.”

“CRCC Asia was fantastic at organising events ranging from dinner to nights out to theatre shows – the support they gave us was every minute of the day. Their local knowledge was more than enough to make it an amazing experience.”

“I found the office culture really similar to London, but when you go out to the business meetings you recognise the differences in business culture.”

“I worked for a global company called Auditoire, which was originally a French company that is operating in Beijing. My tasks included things such as research projects – a client would come in and I would create a mood board for their event, and I also went to hotels which was good for networking.”

“Beijing is an amazing city – my favourite place is the Summer Palace. I recommend everyone to go there!”

“The activities planned by CRCC Asia whilst I was in China and even now I am back home are really beneficial. They are really well organised so you can relax and just get to know the other interns.”

“The company I worked for was called CSR Asia – they promote corporate social responsibility in companies in China. My tasks included looking into Chinese and foreign companies, researching and comparing their CSR policies, and writing reports.”

“The highlight of my China trip was definitely the trip to the Great Wall of China – we walked for over 2 miles along it.”

“There was one night we went the night market (an event put on by CRCC Asia) where we samples some of the more interesting dishes in Chinese cuisine. These included Lamb’s intestine, bird’s heads, and scorpions.”


“In Shanghai my internship was at a logistics firm, working within the relocations service department. I helped built their internal operations manual for the relocation services.”

“I was afraid the work would be simple – but it ended up being very engaging. I finished the manual for the relocation services, so I also worked on a relocation services packet – these get given to families moving to the cities that help them adapt.”

“The experience that I got here was definitely useful to my career. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I definitely got a lot of experience of how business is conducted internationally. I definitely think it was rewarding – I would do it again.”

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