An initiative by CRCC Asia to bridge
cultural and linguistic gaps.

What is the CEV Program

At CRCC Asia, we understand the importance of bridging cultural and linguistic gaps to enhance the international experience for students and interns. Our Cultural Exchange Volunteers (CEV) Program is a unique initiative designed to create lasting connections between local students and international interns from around the world. This program operates in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, and India, providing a platform for cultural exchange and mutual learning.

Who Are


CEVs, or Cultural Exchange Volunteers, are local students who become friends and mentors to our international interns. Their role is to assist and guide these interns during their 1-3 month stay in their host country. The CEV Program plays a crucial role in fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for our interns as they embark on their international journey.


Become a CEV

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to become a Cultural Exchange Volunteer and make a difference in your and international interns’ lives. Apply today and be a part of something truly remarkable!

Knowledge & Cultural

Enhance global


Build international


intercultural skills.

How to


Join us in this rewarding journey of cultural exchange and personal growth. Become a Cultural Exchange Volunteer today!

How It Works

Being a CEV


  • Native Korean/Vietnamese/ Japanese/ Marathi/ Hindi or International students with advanced local language.
  • Have been living in the country applied for over 1 year.
  • High fluency in English.
  • Passion for cultural exchange.
  • Outgoing and caring personality.


  • Be a cultural friend to international students.
  • Provide cultural and wellbeing support.
  • Share tips about daily life.
  • Support formal and informal activities.
  • Potentially assist more than two interns.


  • Program certificate after completion.
  • Access to professional development hub: CareerBridge.
  • Intercultural exchange opportunities.
  • Invitation to business and cultural events.
  • International friends.



hat our

CEVs say…

To know what our cultural exchange volunteers have to say about our CEV Program, watch the above video!


  • ChaeWon Yoo
    After returning from my exchange student experience, I didn't have many opportunities to use English, but this program allowed me to consistently engage in English conversations for two months while having fun with my foreign friends. Witnessing my friends embrace and adapt to a new culture encouraged me to open my heart even wider, and I learned a lot from the experience. Even after the program ended, I've kept in touch with my friends and maintained those connections. Making friends with foreigners in Korea isn't easy, so this program has been a fantastic way for me to regularly use and improve my English. I'm looking forward to participating in it again in the future!
    ChaeWon Yoo
  • Dinh Mai
    First of all, it was an outstanding experience for me this summer as I met so many new friends, from different countries, different cultures. We got so many good time together, which were memorable. Secondly, I can see my communication skill is improving, especially in English. Last but not least, it was also my first time to spend my time meaningfully:)) in an international working environment. In general, it was such a great opportunity for me to at the same time do what I like and spend quality time with quality people.
    Dinh Mai
  • GaEun Kim
    While engaging with friends who weren't well-acquainted with Korean culture, I learned a lot in new and different ways. I found myself questioning the things that I took for granted and this experience shattered some preconceptions, broadening my perspective. Additionally, I appreciated the opportunity to exchange different lifestyles with my foreign friends, which was a valuable aspect of this program.
    GaEun Kim
  • JiWon Yoon
    Taking part in this program was an incredible chance for me to dive into the stories shared by international interns. It helped me better understand the ways of life of people living on the other side of the world. The unique perspectives of the interns were like treasures, helping me uncover a wide range of details that I hadn't known before.
    JiWon Yoon
  • Lam Bui
    Being an introvert myself has always been a difficulty to getting to know someone first hand. However, with the support of other interns at CRCC Asia's events, I was able to speak out more and gradually get along with new people.My listening and speaking skills definitely improved a lot, I got the chance to learn different things about different cultures and figured out more interesting facts about my culture as well. I think I love the experience with these people here.
    Lam Bui
  • Lien Tran
    "You guys gave me a perfect match. I really enjoyed meeting the different students from different cultures. I hope I can have a similar pairing for the next term!"
    Lien Tran
  • Tram Vi
    You guys gave me a perfect match. I really enjoyed meeting the different students from different cultures. I hope I can have a similar pairing for the next term!
    Tram Vi
  • YoonBi Lee
    I applied for a program to introduce Korean culture to my foreign friends, and I learned a lot about the history and culture of Korea while participating. Initially, it was challenging to engage in English conversations, but now I feel more confident, and I believe my English skills have improved compared to when I started. It's been a rewarding experience!
    YoonBi Lee

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