Seven storytellers. One summer. One grand prize!

Follow our talented Digital Storytellers on their CRCC Asia internship adventure - right here on your screen. Our talented and intrepid interns from global universities and scholarship programs have vlogged their journeys in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Ho Chi Minh City for the chance to win an amazing $500 - but they need your help to win it. All you have to do is watch our interns' vlogs, vote for your favourite in the poll below, and in the meantime get inspired for your own international Internship Program.

If you are interested in a CRCC Asia international Internship Program, you can apply for an appointment with our Admissions Advisers in under 5 mins here. If you would like to know more about our cooperation with the British Council's Generation UK Program, click here.

Step One: View the candidates

Tristin Warland

Anita Morgan

Gregory Holland

Anastasia Coward-Morton

Cynthia Royer

Stacey Lui

Megan Ball

Step Two: Feeling inspired? Vote for your favourite Digital Storyteller vlog below in just two clicks!

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Please note that polls close at 23:59 EST 30 September 2018. The winner will be announced 2 October 2018.

First Prize - $500

Second Prize - $200

While you're here...

Follow our interns from the moment the alarm goes off to after hours at their international Internship Placement! Click below to read our interns' Day in the Life stories.

Anita Morgan

Anita Morgan | Shanghai

Beth Massam

Beth Massam | Generation UK Shenzhen

Cynthia Royer

Cynthia Royer | Generation UK Beijing

Megan Ball

Megan Ball | Beijing

Tristin Warland

Tristin Warland | Shanghai

Stacey Liu

Stacey Liu | Generation UK Shanghai

Karolina Smolicz

Karolina Smolicz | Generation UK Shenzhen

Gregory Holland

Gregory Holland | Ho Chi Minh City

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