The CRCC Asia Legal Employability Add-On
In Association with The Student Lawyer

The Student Lawyer

Your CRCC Asia international legal internship will provide you with real world experience that will make you stand out from the crowd to future employers. It is however extremely important to be able to articulate this and leverage the experience in your post-program interviews or you risk selling yourself short.

CRCC Asia’s Legal Employability Add-On will connect you with one of The Student Lawyer’s qualified lawyers, who will teach you to identify the transferable skills that legal employers are looking for, how to develop them during your internship program, and how to demonstrate them in future training contract and pupillage applications.

The Student Lawyer runs the TSL Training Contract Surgery, a careers advice service for aspiring lawyers. They are qualified lawyers themselves and know what it takes to make it in the legal profession.

The Legal Employability Add-On includes:

A call with a qualified lawyer/careers adviser before your internship program to discuss the transferable skills you should aim to develop on your international internship program.
You will be given a specially designed spreadsheet to help you record these skills during your program.
After you return from your program, you will have a follow–up call to discuss your internship and review your completed spreadsheet.
Your assigned lawyer and adviser will then teach you how to translate your experiences into selling points with a CV, application form, and cover letter review courtesy of the TSL Training Contract Surgery.
Finally, you will have a one hour practice interview with questions tailored to a firm of your choice. The interview will include competency questions that will give you the chance to showcase the skills learnt on your international internship program.

The price of the Legal Employability Add-On differs depending on where you are based. For more information, see our Prices page.

If you are interested in the Legal Employability Add-On, speak to your Admissions Advisor about how to apply

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