Intern Influencers

Many of our international interns become Intern Influencers during their time abroad. This means putting their vlogging, blogging and photography skills to the test as they showcase their adventures on the CRCC Asia Internship Program! Check out our what our current Intern Influencers have been capturing so far...

Cynthia Royer

Anita Morgan

Gregory Holland

Anastasia Coward-Morton

Megan Ball

Stacey Lui

While you're here...

Follow our interns from the moment the alarm goes off to after hours at their international Internship Placement! Click below to read our interns' Day in the Life stories.

Anita Morgan

Anita Morgan | Shanghai

Beth Massam

Beth Massam | Generation UK Shenzhen

Cynthia Royer

Cynthia Royer | Generation UK Beijing

Megan Ball

Megan Ball | Beijing

Tristin Warland

Tristin Warland | Shanghai

Stacey Liu

Stacey Liu | Generation UK Shanghai

Karolina Smolicz

Karolina Smolicz | Generation UK Shenzhen

Gregory Holland

Gregory Holland | Ho Chi Minh City

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