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British Council Generation UK Program

My internship in Shanghai with a legal non-governmental organisation has been a pivotal experience in my career. It equipped me with professional research skills and helped me to realise that legal research is an area I would like to gain more experience in. Since completing my internship, I have secured a position with a London-based legal organisation. My experience interning in China was critical in helping me reach this next stage in my career and the skills I learnt during the internship will be invaluable in helping me to succeed in this new role.

My internship in Tokyo challenged me 24/7 day to night. From trying to nail down my transit routine to adjusting to my workplace, I was always in a hurried state of learning, growing, and adapting. I truly owe my success to my coworkers for being so helpful and patient with me throughout my internship. They treated me as their own, even taking me out to lunch and exploring the city. Looking back at my time in Tokyo, I realize how much I’ve grown as both a professional and global citizen. I’ve gained international working skills and cultural perspectives from simply maneuvering through Tokyo’s dynamic streets. It’s quite impossible to write down everything I’ve learned, but I do know that because of this internship opportunity, I’ve grown to become a more globally aware individual than I was two months ago.

My internship in Shanghai, China has been enlightening. I was in the HR department, which gave me a chance to practice my language and interpersonal skills. I really liked the fact that I could communicate with people in Chinese and interact with professionals from various cities. If I can go back to this internship or work there for long-term, I would in a heartbeat. I wish I had more time with the organization to fully understand and immerse myself in my second home.

“I worked within the NGO sector mainly with projects at schools and with youth, teaching them good environmental habits and with animals.”

“The weekly social events were good. KTV was a particular highlight for everyone. Also the dumpling making and volunteer events helped to keep everyone motivated and interested over the month.”

“I chose to come to Beijing to get international experience and to help me find employment when I graduate. I believe I have done that!”

“The company I worked for was called CSR Asia – they promote corporate social responsibility in companies in China. My tasks included looking into Chinese and foreign companies, researching and comparing their CSR policies, and writing reports.”

“The highlight of my China trip was definitely the trip to the Great Wall of China – we walked for over 2 miles along it.”

“There was one night we went the night market (an event put on by CRCC Asia) where we samples some of the more interesting dishes in Chinese cuisine. These included Lamb’s intestine, bird’s heads, and scorpions.”


CRCC Asia went above and beyond my expectations. From the initial interview stage right up to post departure, CRCC Asia has been an organization with a lot of humanity. They have been able to answer all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner with honesty and genuine interest. They work incredibly hard to help you find work in a relevant industry, get a foothold in a foreign culture and assist you in reaching your personal goals. I easily recommend them.

CRCC Asia Tokyo has helped me make connections, friends and prospects both within and outside the program. The diversity of my peers has given me friendships which span the globe, and the events and assistance from the Tokyo Team at CRCC Asia have helped me connect with the locals, giving me cultural agility and irreplaceable memories. A vacation in Japan would never compare to the life changing opportunities their hard work and Japan Internship Program has given me.

The international internship in Beijing organized by CRCC Asia was a transformative experience. My placement was an incredible opportunity to develop new skills relevant to my field of study, Global and International Politics. I was delighted to complete my NGO/Charity internship at an embassy in Beijing, which enabled me to shape and advance my professional career.

My role at the embassy gave me a first-hand experience of international diplomacy. Most importantly, CRCC Asia organized cultural events, business seminars, and weekly Mandarin lessons to facilitate a balance between my work and social life in China. I would like to thank CRCC Asia for their unwavering support throughout my internship. I highly recommend CRCC Asia for students who are interested in international internships and placements.

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