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CRCC Asia went above and beyond my expectations. From the initial interview stage right up to post departure, CRCC Asia has been an organization with a lot of humanity. They have been able to answer all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner with honesty and genuine interest. They work incredibly hard to help you find work in a relevant industry, get a foothold in a foreign culture and assist you in reaching your personal goals. I easily recommend them.

CRCC Asia Tokyo has helped me make connections, friends and prospects both within and outside the program. The diversity of my peers has given me friendships which span the globe, and the events and assistance from the Tokyo Team at CRCC Asia have helped me connect with the locals, giving me cultural agility and irreplaceable memories. A vacation in Japan would never compare to the life changing opportunities their hard work and Japan Internship Program has given me.

I didn’t really know what to expect from my internship in Beijing. However after reflecting on my two months there, I wish it could have lasted a little longer. The internship itself was great because you are exposing yourself to a completely different business culture compared to the western world, and being able to adapt to such an environment is a unique and rewarding experience.

I definitely feel more culturally aware too, and have a much greater appreciation for Chinese culture. What I loved most about Beijing is the immense variety it provides, be it food or just things to do every day. For instance in my two months, I went from visiting the Summer Palace and Great Wall, to munching on deep-fried scorpion at the night market. Plus it’s an added bonus that you don’t have to break the bank in order to do these things.

I would highly recommend the internship program with CRCC Asia.

I achieved a degree at The School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Illinois. I did an internship in Beijing through CRCC Asia during June and August last year in architecture with spatial practice.

I was one of the first interns that received an internship with an architectural company. My experience there was fantastic. I applied to the program because I know that China is a market where architectural practice is emerging and growing. Due to their economy, I knew there were opportunities to see old, new and developing architecture in the country. The fact that the World’s Expo 2010 was held in Shanghai only added to the punch.

The revolution of architecture is on its brink. The melding of current technology and the ideas of sustainability are pushing architecture into realms of many possibilities. China and its rise of architecture development is why I chose to be a part of CRCC Asia. The spatial practice internship put me on the front lines of observing and experiencing this boom in design development. I was part of a great team that allowed me to test my skills and abilities, while applying them in architectural discourse. The internship was only supported by the many CRCC Asia activities that immersed me in the Chinese culture. I am proud of the work that I accomplished while also maintaining a business network and creating many new friends. My whole experience expanded my vision as a student, designer, and traveller. If I had the chance, I would do it all over again.

My experience during my internship helped me foster great personal and professional relationships with the people I met. The Guanxi I experienced was of the highest order. I would love to return to China now I have graduated, I will be sending my resume and applying to many firms in the area. I will also be sending my application to firms here in the states and my experience in China is at the top of my resume.

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