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“I worked in a travel marketing company, where my tasks included finding potential partnerships for the travel company, contacting companies and travel comparison websites to see if they are interested in partnering, and also to write a travel blog each day on my experiences and internship in Beijing.”

“Having never been to Asia before, it was just a completely different experience from in the UK – its just so interesting as you never have been aware of the differences until you get to the country. You can’t describe it until you get there – I just loved the different experience.”

“My experience in China has been really helpful for my interviews with jobs – its really sets you apart from the other candidates and has helped me demonstrate I am self-motivated and driven.”

It was a really great experience and also one to learn about what it will be like in a new workplace. Often you are not going to just get the dream job that you want right off the bat. It will be a while before you find the place that’s right for you and it is a great time to learn about where you think you fit in.

I would definitely recommend this Shanghai Internship Program to anyone who is looking for travel and also practical experience in a foreign workplace. In an environment such as Shanghai you are going to get to experience some amazing tourist attractions, while also getting a chance to fit into a new culture and society. It is a great thing for resumes too and people will want to see all of the knowledge you have gotten from traveling abroad.

Being an intern with CRCC Asia really has widened my outlook on life. There is so much out there to grasp and take in. I was one of the lucky ones that got picked to do a “taster internship“ for 2 weeks in Beijing funded by the British governments amongst some other parties.

I got the email through from my University office and thought to myself “why not apply? The worst they can say is no.” I guess what I’m trying to tell you is what I learned most: if you don’t ask, you don’t get. This motto is going to stay with me for life. It changed my life and maybe it’ll change yours.

For my internship in Beijing I was placed in a travel and tourism company called Gray Line. I was involved in doing basic cleric work, correcting English in letters, their tour brochure and their website, since I have learnt basic Mandarin, I was glad to get an internship focused on language/written work. Being a native English speaker I found it easy and felt I was contributing to the company, half way through the internship they told me how much they appreciated my help as they explained that a professional look can only be given through perfect English. I had a sincere interest in the company as it was my first time in Beijing, researching information for the brochures and website was fascinating and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now for the fun part, as I had the perfect internship placement I had the chance to play James Bond style. I had to go to a hotel that we had a contract with (i.e. should be selling our tours to customers) and ask to book a tour. The whole point of this was because they were selling tours by competitor companies, some that weren’t as reputable as our own – which consequently was losing money for our company on many different levels. I had to review the conversation when I booked it and then I went on the tour the following day (as a result, I got to see all three parts of the Great Wall there is to see in Beijing!). Whilst on the tours I took photos and made notes on the tour guide, the places/shops they took us to and the concierge. I found it very interesting yet astonishing. In the office the next day I would write a report for Gray Line with all of my findings so action could be taken with the hotels that were breaching the contracts.

I feel I am more valuable to employers now as I have a broader spectrum on the business world as a whole. I would urge anyone with even the smallest interest to apply, as it really will change your expectations of life. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything and if you do snatch the opportunity then I promise you, you’ll have the time of your life!

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