yearly economic growth rate maintained by China each year

China is forcasted to have created a ‘new’ India by 2020.
20 years

of foreign investment in Shenzhen has resulted in its well-developed finance center

Finance is the most competitive sector on the CRCC Asia program.
  • Vietnamese banks have managed to maintain a strong profit growth after the 2008 financial crises.
  • Both Shanghai and Shenzhen have stock exchanges and are home to a myriad of finance companies.
  • Japan had the world’s second largest economy from 1978 to 2010.
  • China’s 12th Five Year Plan will encourage growth created through developing infrastructure and government-regulated international trade.

Recently, CRCC Asia interns have been involved in the following projects:


Researching and providing advice on Western attitudes to the Chinese investment market.


Being responsible for basic auditing of client financial records and summarizing the findings of an initial audit.


Conducting financial and accounting due diligence of Chinese, Italian and U.S. private companies in the banking sector.


Completing a research project on the rare earth market in China to assess the investment potential.

Financial Products

Researching and summarizing recent tax legislation changes and devising new relevant financial products and services for the firm.


Researching and editing a large accountancy firm’s Mainland China Trust and Banking survey.

Sample Company


Asset and Wealth Management

The company is one of Asia’s foremost financial advisory firms, with offices throughout China and Asia. Working with domestic and international clients, the investments team tailors client portfolios to their specific needs. Additionally, the company focuses on real estate investment projects and foreign exchange.

Pei Shan Yuen

Finance & Accounting


Samuel Burr

Finance & Accounting

University of Cambridge

Claudio Iacopino

Finance & Accounting

Università degli Studi di

Abigail Rose Hitchcock

Finance & Accounting

Cardiff University

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