Virtual International Internships

Virtual International Internships allow you to start your career on your own terms. You decide which career field you work in, you decide where you’d like to work, and you decide your work-life balance.

Virtual International internships provide the unique opportunity to participate in real working environments from the safety of your own home. You’ll be fully supervised and supported as you gain industry knowledge from within your chosen career field, after which you’ll be able to add the host company to your CV/resume as you would with any other internship. Completing a remote internship demonstrates adaptability, problem solving skills, and the ability to motivate oneself – all skills which are highly sought after by employers.

How much time you invest into the internship is up to you: 20-30 hours per week for a period of either 1, 2 or 3-months – the choice is yours. All participants are guaranteed a placement in one of their chosen career fields, and all interns can choose the country of the company they would like to work for; with the option of completing an internship on-the ground in that country at a later date.

What’s Included in the Virtual International Internship Program?

  • Guaranteed International Internship in your country of choice
  • Dedicated Career Coach
  • 8 hours of Online Language Lessons
  • Access to CareerBridge – our Global Internship Curriculum
  • Weekly Group Discussions or Business Webinars
  • Full End of Program Report
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Benefits of Virtual International Internships

Global Connections

Networking is crucial to future employment outcomes, and if you are looking to start your global career, building a dynamic network of international contacts should be your first step. Remote internships allow you to curate a global network from the comfort of your own home.

Remote Working Skills

Over 70% of today’s workforce works at least 1 day a week remotely. Completing an online internship will give you direct experience and increase your skills in written communication and problem-solving as well as mastering software and platforms relevant to your career field.

Cross-cultural Working Knowledge

Unlike other remote internships, CRCC Asia’s program allows you to develop your professional skills and gain multicultural competency in a country of your choosing. Throughout your internship you will be exposed to collectivist work culture’s, vertical hierarchies, scheduling across time zones, and managing multiple native languages and jargon.

Break Into Your Dream Career Field

Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, making it tough for people to enter their career field of choice. CRCC Asia removes this obstacle by guaranteeing you an internship in a career field of your choice. Helping you get the working experience you need to land your dream job.


Online opportunities reduce the financial obstacle that studying abroad can present; but still retain the career and global mobility benefits gained from work experience in a different culture.

Stand Out to Future Employers

Adding international work experience to your existing resume/CV allows you to showcase the skills and experiences you gained during your remote internship with an international company. Not to mention, the high levels of self-discipline and time-management required to perform a remote internship are highly sought after by employers all around the world!

Moving from Online to In-Person International Internships

CRCC Asia does maintain its commitment to in-person international experiences and has created this opportunity as an alternative or as an add-on component, letting students participate remotely at first and then in person in the future. As such CRCC Asia is offering a $500 USD discount on any of our future in-person international internship programs for any student who participates in our Online International Internship program in 2020.

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Unpacking the Program Inclusions of the Virtual Internship

1, 2, or 3 month Guaranteed Online Internship Placement

Through our Virtual International Internship program, students are able to select a 20 or 30 hour work week in the country or career field of their choice. All Internships have a requirement of 120 hours of work minimum to meet most academic requirements for credit.

Academic Credit

Our programs have been designed to fulfill the requirements for our School of Record, Saint Peter’s University, which offers students the ability to earn 3, 6, or 9 transfer credits from their Virtual International Internship! We also work with individual students & their universities to determine the optimal course for a student to earn academic credit for their internship, and can support with confirmation letters and supervisor evaluations.

Project-Based Work

CRCC Asia requires all of our host companies to provide clear project-based work descriptions which plan far beyond the first week of work. This is to ensure that an intern’s work plan is clear and engaging. Through the completion of these projects and work, interns will have tremendous experience to add to their existing resume/CV, as well as gaining a network of professionals all around the world!

Creating a Sense of Community Remotely

Participating in a remote internship can present the risk of feeling isolated or disconnected, which is why CRCC Asia has developed multiple touchpoints to connect remote interns with one another and build a strong sense of community. These opportunities span from the first day the intern accepts their program offer, to well after their internship program is complete!

Weekly Google Hangouts

All CRCC Asia interns will have access to join our weekly Google Hangouts discussion with our Program Experience Managers. During these chats, our team opens up the floor to questions from the interns, while also asking guided group discussion questions. These Hangouts allow students to feel connected to their fellow remote interns, and build a sense of community with other professionals.

1.Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST – 6:00 PM EST

2. Wednesday at 5:00 PM GMT – 6:00 PM GMT

Bi-weekly Business Webinars

All CRCC Asia interns (current and alumni) will receive an invitation to join our live bi-weekly webinar events. Topics for these presentations and discussions can include: Bringing confidence to the workplace, beginning a global career, creating supportive goals, international networking skills, and much more! Webinars will draw on expertise and guidance from our external guest speakers and career professionals!

Webinars will be held on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM EST unless otherwise noted and begin June 10th, 2020.

360° Professional Development Support

Without support through the full remote internship process, there is a risk of an intern losing engagement and opportunities for building a key network. Therefore, CRCC Asia has added additional support for professional development and for planning your future career.

Assigned Internship Coach

Each CRCC Asia intern will be assigned a designated Internship Coach, who will guide the intern through the admissions, placement, and virtual internship process. At the close of each week, students and their host companies will receive a check-in email from our team to hear about project completion, individual feedback, and provide support if needed. These check-ins will allow CRCC Asia to keep both interns and host companies actively engaged and feel supported by their Internship Coach should any concerns arise.

Along with the weekly check-ins, the Internship Coach will schedule two formal calls with the intern (mid-internship and end of internship). The end of internship call will allow the intern to reflect on their entire internship experience as well as develop a Global Career Management Plan.

Supported Supervisors and Host Companies

CRCC Asia strives to greatly support all of our interns and host company supervisors through the entire internship process. We are able to provide guides and training to supervisors to assist them with managing remote international interns.

During their time hosting an intern, CRCC Asia will ensure to actively check-in with host companies and supervisors, and provide essential support in the event of any issues. Upon the conclusion of the internship, all supervisors will be given the opportunity to complete a supervisor evaluation for their intern.

Employability and International Focused Guides

Access to language courses

As our interns will be working across 6 different countries, CRCC Asia has included an online language course component into our program, This allows interns to get an introduction into the spoken language of their host company, and begin utilizing simple greetings and phrases into their day to day work and communication. Developing an understanding of a country’s language is one way to better familiarize yourself with its culture – a key learning outcome of the CRCC Asia program.

Access to CareerBridge

Our entire Virtual International Internship is supported by our custom-developed global internship curriculum, CareerBridge. This curriculum seeks to assist interns in navigating a better understanding of the culture in which they will be working, as well as analyze key professional skills needed in any professional workplace scenarios. The CareerBridge modules help prepare interns with resume/CV support, interview preparation, communication development, project management, networking, and much more!

Step One: Choose a Focus

CRCC Asia has created two focuses for an applicant to choose from to ensure that your needs and professional goals are met and guarantees a placement in the  country or career field of your choice.

track path
Track 1

International Focus

By selecting the International Focus Track, CRCC Asia guarantees you an Online International Internship in the country of your choice, allowing you to select from China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, or The United Kingdom

In guaranteeing you the country of your choice, CRCC Asia requests that you select 3 Career Fields ranking them 1-3. During the placement process we will attempt to get you a placement in your first choice and move to the second only after all options are exhausted.

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Why Choose the International Focus?

 Perhaps you would like to work in the country after graduation or have been studying the country’s language and culture and would like to expand those skills and understanding.

 This option is perfect for anyone focused on building networks and experience in a specific country.

Track 2

Career Field Focus

By selecting the Career Field Focus Track, CRCC Asia guarantees you an Online International Internship in the career field of your choice, allowing you to select from over 18 different identified Career Fields

In guaranteeing you the career field of your choice, CRCC Asia requests that you select 3 countries ranking them 1-3. During the placement process we will attempt to get you a placement in your first choice country and move to the second only after all options are exhausted.

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Why Choose the Career Field Focus?

 If you have a clear focus on the professional skills and experience you would like to gain but are not committed to working in one specific country then exploring the Career Field track is for you.  

This option is perfect for anyone wanting global experiences throughout the world, but has a focused career goal.

Step Two: Complete the Initial Application

The CRCC Asia Virtual International Internship application process is completed in two parts. First, the general application information is submitted in part one. Applicants are then directed to complete part two – the Virtual Video Application.

The initial general application (part one) will require you to submit information and identify a few key details such as:

1. Preferred Start Date: Our Virtual International Internship Programs begin every other Monday on a rolling basis. Applicants will be required to financially commit to the program by submitting their Acceptance Fee no later than 6 weeks in advance of their intended start date.

2. Selected Focus and Corresponding Career Field or Country preferences
3. Requested Program Duration and Weekly Hours worked: Interns are able to choose a program duration of 1, 2, or 3 months. We also allow interns to choose their weekly hours of 20 or 30 hours per week for their internship. In order to complete the minimum of 120 hours of internship (for many academic requirements), an intern selecting a 1-month internship needs to confirm a 30 hours per week internship schedule.
4. Uploading your Resume/CV

Step Three: Complete the Virtual Video Application

Upon completion of the initial application, you will be prompted to complete our Virtual Video Application. This process was strategically chosen as virtual connections will be a main component for communication during your Virtual International Internship. The ability to showcase your skills and understanding of new platforms, navigate a digital application, and learning to feel comfortable on-screen will be vital to your success in a Virtual International Internship. Completing your responses to the Virtual Video Application will only take 5-10 minutes.

Step Four: Await Your Official CRCC Asia Offer

Upon completion and submission, all Virtual Video Applications are reviewed by our team within two business days. Any successful applicant will be contacted by our team and will receive an official offer letter via the email address they provided on their application. This official offer letter will confirm your program details, and should you have additional questions for our team, will also allow you to schedule a call with a designated Internship Coach.

2020 A-level Support Scholarship

A-level scholarship

If you’ve been affected by the recent confusion in the UK over A-level final grades and university admissions, we want to help. We’ve teamed up with Virtual Internships to create the 2020 A-level Support Scholarship. Five fully funded places onto the Virtual Internships programme are up for grabs for students whose university plans have been altered this year through no fault of their own. Check if you’re eligible by hitting the button below.


Once you’ve decided which career field you’d like to work in, and where you’d like that company to be based, it’s time to submit your application by completing the form below! To choose the remote internship option, simply select ‘Online International Internship’ from the program type drop-down menu.