Eric Choong


Although it has been more than a year since I have completed the internship program in Beijing, the memory of that one month experience is ultimately unforgettable. During that time, I worked as a research intern at Javelin Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. where I was assigned to do some basic bench marking research on a specific project and was given the opportunity to perform market surveys at various local stores across some districts in Beijing. That taught me an invaluable social experience where I was given the chance to speak to the locals and inquire about their businesses. Most of them were very friendly and they were able to provide us with some good information for the market research.

During the weekends, I would spend most of my time travelling with friends around Beijing. There were many extraordinary tourist attractions to visit such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and many other signature parks.

From time to time, I would also visit the markets at Beijing where “bargaining” was an essential skill in order to purchase the item you desire at the right price.

In addition, the food in Beijing was delicious. There is a saying in Chinese-Mandarin“不到长城非好汉,不吃填鸭真遗憾” which means you have not visited Beijing entirely (literal meaning: you are not a true man) if you have not been to the Great Wall and you will regret if you did not eat the famous Peking Duck.

Moreover, there are several weekly social events organised by CRCC Asia. One of my favourite was the karaoke night where all of us interns are gathered in the karaoke room and sang our favourite songs.

Nevertheless, my participation in the CRCC Asia Internship Program had been an unforgettable journey. I would definitely recommend this program for those who enjoy travelling overseas and would like to gain an international experience in a professional working environment.