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choose us to provide their students with incredible international internships.

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from more than 150 countries

Why partner with CRCC Asia?

Our long standing relationships in the global business community allow universities to launch international internship programs with confidence.

CRCC Asia has established a number of key university partnerships across Australia, UK, USA, Italy, Spain and Germany. These partnerships help connect students to the global marketplace.

CRCC Asia values a holistic program model that fosters student learning and development. We emphasize a global understanding for all our interns in order to further cross-cultural communication and professional development. By participating in CRCC Asia’s International Internship Programs, students have the opportunity to acquire a greater depth of understanding and experience in these areas:

  • Develop professional skills valuable toward career employability
  • Achieve a cultural understanding of their host country and their business practices from a variety of fields
  • Prepare students to be global citizens dedicated to social responsibility
  • Expansion of social and professional network
  • Advance language skills
  • Opportunity to implement course work in a professional setting
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