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Thank you! I’ll never forget my short time in Japan. It was a great experience.

You all did excellent. I believe it changed my life my better things ahead. Thank you!

I wanted an international work experience and learn more about business and marketing in a real life setting as I see myself living in Asia in the future. CRCC Asia landed me an intership that I otherwise would not have been able to land on my own. Everything from the accommodations, internship, on-the-ground support, etc. was prepared for me since the day I was accepted onto the program. My internship exceeded my expectations and surprised me in ways I had never expected. I got to experience a unique work culture at an international company in fast-paced Seoul that challenged me to diversify my skillset and kept me on my feet. I got to meet people from countries I never would have imagined meeting and became good friends with them. I consider this program a once in a lifetime experience and appreciate how well-prepared and effortless the entire process was.

The programme was a fun and a good learning experience.

The staff from CRCC were nice and helped adapt to being in a foreign country. They offered helpful advice and good suggestions on where to eat and what experience. It was comfortable to ask them for any help if needed.

CRCC placed in a good company where I learnt a lot. The coworkers and my supervisor were nice and helped me adjust to the working culture in Korea.

During the past two months, I got the privilege to intern in South Korea for my college program! I am happy to announce that after this, I have fulfilled my final requirements and have officially graduated from the University of Oregon! I will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies with a Focus in International Business and two minors in Korean and Business. 

Thanks to my host company supervisors for mentoring and allowing me to intern at their company! I got to hone in on my communication, market research, and intercultural fluency skills. Along the way, I got to explore an industry I never thought I would have a chance to explore. 

Also, thank you to CRCC Asia and all the individuals that I met through the program! I made a lot of unforgettable memories.

This internship program was a great way to end my college experience. I truly appreciate everyone that has been a part of it. Excited to see where I’ll head next in my career path!

CRCC Asia’s service and support in guiding students to gain international work experience are simply unparalleled. Not only have I been able to immerse myself in a completely different culture, I was also able to build my network internationally. This was definitely a summer to remember, and I am so glad to have experienced it!

I am currently on my last week of the CRCC Asia Internship program in Tokyo.

Being able to work here was such a great experience, I met fantastic coworkers, had the chance to improve my business knowledge and get in touch with Japanese culture. I now feel more confident with my skills and I’m sure employability will be boosted.

I truly recommend this life changing experience to everyone!

The CRCC program was a fantastic experience! Working at a company that is invested in your growth as a person, and engaging with the local Beijing community was amazing. The accommodation was clean, safe, and in a great part of Beijing – the 798 Art District, which is a trendy, hip area filled with tons of art galleries and cool stores. Living with 40 other interns was also a very awesome experience because you immediately make new friends from around the world, to not only talk about your internship experience with but also explore Beijing and the other parts of China. One of my fondest moments from the trip was when about 30 other interns and I hiked up to a remote part of the Great Wall of China and actually camped on it for one night. I really understood and began to truly appreciate how special China was when I spent some alone time at one of the seven wonders of the world.

China has an incredible and vibrant social scene that CRCC did a great job introducing me and the other interns to. CRCC gave us loads of interesting opportunities while we were there including: weekly Mandarin classes, business seminars, and volunteering opportunities. My favorite was when they set up an authentic and delicious hot pot dinner followed by hours of karaoke in a huge room they rented out for us.

My work experience was also incredible because CRCC placed me with the exact type of company that I wanted. I worked for a small tech startup and had a great time helping my company create an investor pitch deck for their funding round as well helping out with other marketing and branding projects. I felt as though I was a vital part of the team and contributed their success while there. Other than assigning me work, my boss took me out to lunch regularly, a Beijing football match, and a documentary screening. Overall, my coworkers were great resources and we had a wonderful time spending time together.

The absolute highlight of my trip was when I hosted my own Shabbat dinner for 35 people. I was able to bring together all my fellow interns, people from the local Jewish community, a few friends that live in Beijing that I met going to school at the London School of Economics on my exchange program, my coworkers, and even some Chinese locals that I met playing basketball on the streets. Being able to fully cater a vegetarian dinner and bring together such a diverse group of people to teach them what the Jewish Sabbath is all about was an incredible experience and such a great way to end my trip.

At first, I was nervous coming to China because of the culture shock, but CRCC was so skilled at helping me settle in quickly and comfortably so I could begin to experience the treasures of China right away. After working and living in China for a month I know that I will be back as soon as I can. There is so much left to explore and I am just so thankful that CRCC was there to help me realize that.

Before my internship with CRCC Asia, I had already been to Beijing twice in my life. Upon returning to China I was under the impression that I knew exactly what I was getting into. BOY WAS I EVER WRONG. My internship was an experience completely out of my wildest expectations!

Challenge. A major part of the fun, growth and learning comes from the challenge. Every day is a new adventure when you are living in Beijing. The hustle and bustle of the metropolis keeps you on your toes and a surprise awaits at every corner. There is nothing better than wandering around and getting lost in new areas and discovering the hidden gems of the city. I love trying new foods, meeting new people and doing random things spontaneously. KTV, street food, night clubs, social nights, movies – you name it, I’ve done it. The initial culture shock and language barrier is quickly overcome by the ease and convenience of their mobile applications, metro system and technology. You quickly learn to adapt and familiarize yourself to the heat and fast-paced lifestyle.

Work. This was my first time working in an office at a large company and not to mention in a completely different country. Initially, I was intimated by the corporate environment. My company’s office was in a gorgeous high rise right in the centre of the city. The office was a trendy open collaboration space and everyone was always hard at work on interesting projects. Once I got to know everyone at the office, I not only became very comfortable, but also more confident in my own roles and abilities. I began looking forward to coming to work every day despite the packed 50 minute subway ride every morning. After working in a professional business environment with coworkers from different parts of China, I realized I still have a lot to learn. It made me even more determined to master Mandarin, my minor in University, so I can understand and communicate more effectively.

Family. The beauty of interning through CRCC is the fact that you are never alone. Despite being far from home, you have the comfort and support of the program managers and other like-minded interns. Personally, the best part was meeting students or newly graduates from all across the globe that I can now call my family. Whether it be personal or professional, I’ve formed an invaluable international network.

The Future. Without expectations, I got on the plane with a packed suitcase but more importantly, an open mind. My one month internship came to and end before I knew it. Time flies when you’re having fun – this statement has never been more true. There is so much more I want to see and do. I’d love to come back to China after graduation for work or higher education. This is where my internship journey comes to a close. Everyone’s experience is different. So don’t take my word for it. Go and create your own story!

I interned at a co-working and co-living space. The company provides a space for freelancers and digital nomads to work and live. They also host workshops and courses to support freelancers and entrepreneurs with their development in business and marketing.

Part of my role was outlining the course content, especially when it came to marketing psychology. Within the workplace, I learnt things like how to communicate with my co-workers and supervisor, things to note down during meetings and the steps in which to start and carry out a task with a group. I think such skills may seem insignificant but will be essential in my future workplaces and hence, were great things to learn. In the second month, I got to have my own little project where I researched, conducted a few interviews, wrote a blog and moderated a panel discussion around the topic: loneliness experienced by digital nomads. It was amazing to individually run a project of my interests.

The internship has shed light on something other than what I’ve been focusing on in my studies. I shifted my attention from clinical to organisational psychology. My introduction to business and marketing psychology revealed how little I initially knew and allowed me to expand my psychology horizons.

I learnt a lot about business – everything from how to start up a business, how to create long-lasting partnership with businesses or customers to global freelance trends, what financial planning looks like for them and everything in between. I came out of it knowing I’m capable of adapting into a new environment/sector when introduced.

Previously, the thought of working overseas never crossed my mind and now that I think about it, it’s quite a daunting prospect. Even though I am aware that we were supported in a way, I would not be if I were to do this solo, it has opened up the thought that I could work overseas.

For the time being, I have one semester of undergraduate studies left and intend to apply for postgraduate studies in clinical psychology. If things fall through, I have many back-up plans, thanks to the perspective on applicable psychology that this internship has broadened.

I think a key thing I’m taking away from this is to keep my mind open to new things and be flexible. Whether that be the food I’m trying, the language I’m learning, adapting to a new lifestyle or way of transport- it helps you to be flexible and adapt. It applies to work as well. To have an open mind about what psychology is and how it can be applied. Once I stopped restricting myself, I was able to see how psychology can be used anywhere. Lastly, I think I needed an open mind going into a sector which I was completely unfamiliar with – it was the only way I could learn and become comfortable with the lingo. It was a good experience to help me open up my mind and be flexible.To conclude, I really enjoyed my time in Vietnam albeit some challenges. It was a great opportunity to experience the transition between university and the workplace.

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