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Years ago I spent some time travelling through China, witnessing first-hand the definition of a nation of superlatives, as the raw majesty of this country battled against aggressive industrialisation. I saw the middle kingdom rapidly approaching a crossroads as increasing coal consumption and consequential pollution levels threatened to destroy not only the natural environment, but the people’s way of life. I thought about how I could make a positive impact on this challenge in the future, and found CRCC Asia to be the enabler of this action.

The advantages of international work placements for those looking at gaining experience in a prospective field are immeasurable, and undertaking this internship in Beijing has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life, both for my career and as a person. I now have a clear vocation in mind for my future, a strengthened moral compass, and a stronger grasp of mandarin, whilst further developing my cultural understanding and abilities to adapt.

For the slightly less experienced or adventurous, CRCC Asia provide everything you could need and more, especially in assigning a program manager to check that you are okay throughout your stay. My program manager helped with everything from work related issues to where the best shops and clubs are. When I was ill she also sent me a text every morning which made me feel much better and at home and you have someone to call at any time of the night and day if you were ever to have an emergency. There were times where living in China was the most stressful and difficult experience I had come across but overall it helped me grow so much as a person. I would definitely recommend having an internship in Beijing, China to anyone, it is such a brilliant and interesting country. I hope you have as much fun as I did.

My internship in Shanghai took place in a Chinese Law firm with large aspirations, which in my eyes was the perfect place for me. As an aspiring lawyer, the lack of a huge chain of command meant I could interact with the firm’s managing partner and work closely with him which cannot be said for interns in most law firms. I gained a great insight into the Chinese legal community, business culture and etiquette. I also gained a valuable insight into the Chinese language, which I am continuing to learn now I am home. The work I handled varied from tasks such as proof reading and translation of documents for international clients, to finding answers to complex legal situations and advising clients on them, all of which looks great on your CV!

I would certainly never have had the amazing experience I did without the CRCC team and the CRCC Asia experience is one I would recommend to anyone.

CRCC Asia’s assistance before, throughout and after the internship in Shenzhen has been invaluable. Any issues I had such as how to add credit to my phone, or how to get to places in Shenzhen was quickly solved. CRCC Asia set up Mandarin lessons and weekly activities from volunteering with local youth clubs to KTV, which I thought I would hate but actually found really entertaining-especially after a few drinks. I would certainly never have had the amazing experience I did without the CRCC Asia team and the experience is one I would recommend to anyone without a shadow of doubt.

I would highly recommend Internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia as they provide a fantastic experience including business seminars and cultural events. It was also really nice to get to know the staff who work in China – they are all really nice and very supportive. It’s great that they pick you up from the airport, get to know you at banquets and networking events, and are always available on WeChat! I feel the whole process from initial application to post-internships support has made me a much more confident person this has certainly made my TC applications really stand out! Thank you!

Having spent two years as an investment banking analyst in London- I had come to the conclusion a career in finance wasn’t for me, so I decided to look at all possible options of a ‘career reset’. Upon doing some research I came across CRCC Asia and the opportunities they offered for guaranteed internship in Shanghai.

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough about the experience. For some, the biggest issue will be the funding concerns- which is totally understandable, but if you can secure the funds it’s such a great experience – socially and professionally- it’s something you will never regret.

In all honesty, my internship in Shanghai didn’t get off to the best start. I’d applied to be in the Finance & Accountancy sector, and before I got to China, CRCC sent me the details of a company which on paper sounded great, but when I turned up was completely different to what I thought it would be. The work I was given really didn’t interest me, and I felt I was getting in the way more than anything. Luckily when I spoke to CRCC about it they were really helpful and after speaking to another company I was able to join them instead. After this switch I was a lot happier; the team I was working with were much friendlier, and I was working on things that I could actually tell were making a difference to the company. In retrospect, I think things would have improved if I’d stuck with my original company, but the important thing is CRCC are really helpful in the event you are unhappy with where you’re working and want to change.

Federico viene da Supino, in provincia di Frosinone e ad agosto 2015 è partito per un internship di 2 mesi a Shanghai nel settore del Business. L’esperienza di uno stage all’estero con il China Internship Program di CRCC Asia è stata molto positiva per lui e ha apprezzato molto l’organizzazione da parte di CRCC Asia. La cosa che lo ha colpito di più del programma sono state le persone: avendo sempre partecipato ai meeting dove la maggior parte delle persone erano cinesi, è rimasto colpito dalla loro calma e del loro modo di spiegare i risultati finanziari, totalmente diverso dal nostro. Dal punto di vista lavorativo inoltre si è trovato subito a suo agio sia con i colleghi che con la supervisor, con i quali si tiene ancora in contatto. Crede che questa esperienza a livello lavorativo gli sia servita ed è certo di aver migliorato le sue skills; dal punto di vista formativo, inoltre, è stato molto positivo in quanto ha anche messo in pratica ciò che ha imparato all’Università.

Andrea viene da Sassari e a Luglio è partito per Shanghai con il China Internship Program di CRCC Asia. Ha svolto uno stage di 3 mesi nel settore Legale, esperienza che gli è piaciuta molto e chi gli ha aperto un mondo nuovo e un modo diverso di vedere le cose. Infatti non esclude di tornare in Cina a lavorare. Ha frequentato anche le attività aggiuntive organizzate da CRCC Asia e le ha trovate molto interessanti. Ha creato un ottimo network, ha infatti definito il capitolo delle relazioni umane “davvero speciale”, avendo creato ottimi rapporti di amicizia con i ragazzi italiani, che spera di continuare a vedere anche ora che è tornato in Italia. La vita di tutti i giorni infatti è completamente diversa da quella a Shanghai “sempre accelerata, in prima linea, facevamo qualsiasi cosa ci venisse proposta”. Dal punto di vista lavorativo e personale crede che avrebbe dovuto rischiare di più e optare per un percorso diverso da quello intrapreso, molto coerente con i suoi studi.

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