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Gianmaro viene da Nocera Superiore e studia Management delle Imprese Internazionali all’Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope. Ha svolto uno stage di 3 mesi nel settore del Business a Shenzhen con il China Internship Program. L’azienda per cui ha lavorato si occupa di e-commerce e al momento del suo stage stava per ampliare il proprio mercato in Italia. Gianmarco si è quindi occupato di ricerche di mercato per studiare i competitors e i desideri d’acquisto degli italiani, andando quindi a toccare anche il settore del Marketing.

La motivazione principale che lo ha spinto a partire è stata la voglia di ampliare il proprio bagaglio di esperienze lavorative, in quanto crede che un periodo di lavoro all’estero, ma in particolare in Cina, sia un valore aggiunto al suo CV che potrebbe aumentare le sue possibilità di trovare un impiego futuro. Ha apprezzato molto l’assistenza offerta da CRCC Asia sia prima della partenza che durante il periodo a Shenzhen, soprattutto per quanto riguarda l’accomodation. Inoltre consiglia a tutti di effettuare uno stage di 3 mesi in quanto si è visto affidare compiti più di responsabilità e con scadenze più lunghe; ciò gli ha permesso di farsi conoscere nel suo ambiente di lavoro e di acquisire ulteriori conoscenze.

La mia esperienza in Cina è stata altamente formativa, sotto tutti i punti di vista. Per prima cosa, ho avuto modo di acquisire una maggiore consapevolezza della cultura cinese e di sfatare molti degli stereotipi che conoscevo. E’ stata inoltre l’occasione per visitare una parte dell’Asia che mi affascinava, vedere con i propri occhi grandi opere architettoniche e apprezzare uno stile di vita diverso da quello occidentale.

La società che mi ha trovato CRCC Asia si occupava di consulenza per le aziende straniere interessate ad entrare nel mercato cinese. Ho potuto così capire le principali sfide ed i problemi che un imprenditore deve affrontare per potersi affermare in Cina. L’esperienza mi diede lo spunto ed i contatti adatti su cui basare la mia tesi di laurea, nella quale sono riuscito a coinvolgere alcune società ed aziende con cui sono entrato in contatto durante lo stage.

My internship in Beijing was a truly unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone. It’s hard to explain all of the cultural and social differences – you really just have to live them for yourself. Beijing was so vast and varied, that everyday brought something new and exciting.

The Chinese way of business itself was fascinating, most notably the infamous Chinese banquet. I found CRCC Asia to be extremely helpful and friendly from the first day to the last.

Raised in West London, United Kingdom, I found Beijing to be different and slightly daunting at first. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the mad traffic or the millions of people swarming the streets, but more so with the cultural lifestyle of the Chinese people. Upon my arrival and up till the time I departed from Beijing, I constantly found myself learning and taking in something new.

I found the city of Beijing to be heavily westernised. There were numerous western style restaurants, bars and places to go visit and have a fun relaxing time. There were some places near the Hotel which I will definitely miss. For instance, there was a local Pizza Restaurant opposite the Hotel which has a very unique and original edge to their customer service. The employees yell and shout on top of their voice whenever an order is made. Even the Boss joins in with the fun.

My fellow interns were great fun. I lived and breathed my experiences with them. I managed to make good friends from people across the world, and most importantly, I plan to go visit them in the near future. One of the most enjoyable parts of meeting people around the world was seeing which individual would be the most patriotic. They all seemed to think their country was the best for one reason or another. By the end of the experience, I think they all understood that the United Kingdom was, and is, the place to be.

Fundamentally, my internship in Beijing has boosted my employability prospects. I have gained valuable insight and knowledge of a country which is booming domestically and internationally in so many markets and industries. The fact that I worked in the Investment Industry has provided me with a career path which I’d like to pursue in the future.

On the whole, I found members of the CRCC team situated in Beijing to be extremely helpful and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Beijing with my fellow interns and will definitely miss certain aspects of the whole place, perhaps not so much the food.

China is the fastest growing economy in the world, so it seemed to be the perfect fit for an internship, being a student of the International Business Management Course. It truly is a great experience. Even Forbes magazine has noted this and devoted a special page covering the internship opportunities for business graduates from all over the world. I consider it a learning curve for all business students as it relates to the paradigm shifts of international trade to global trade and serving the world as one supermarket.

Working at my company in China, I learnt about the intricacies of head-hunting at the topmost cadre of recruitment. How candidates were matched to the requirements of the fortune 500 IT giants and maintaining the satisfaction and quality level of service for the retainer contracts was a new learning experience for me. Market research for new recruitment sectors added the icing to my project work.

Our client focused on creating new iPhone applications, developing Hi Shanghai and Hi Shanghai Taxi applications which help users to navigate all the events happening in the city and also use it as a GPS to find people and places. The other major VPN product, VP Ninja, gave me an opportunity to explore the new market and go out on the field finding events and promoting all the tree products simultaneously. My major focus was preparing a marketing and business plan to launch these products in various market segments of China. I submitted my project report on Unified Communications Technology and the future requirement of HR in IT industry as a part of my internship in Shanghai.

The professional culture of China is much different than in North America. It is based on “GUANXI” (relationship building). Chinese businesses believe in long lasting relationships and their own “MIANZI” (face) which is of utmost important to them while making business deals or negotiations. I experienced these important details of business management while working with my company.

How to deal with situations where you do not know anyone, nor can you explain or speak in the local language? China presented us with such situations every day since people rarely speak or understand English. The solution was to go to school and learn basic Mandarin. Now I can rely on my Mandarin communication next time I’m in China. The best marketing and sales techniques on the field were found while bargaining on the streets of China. This is a real test of your negotiation skills. I am proud to say I was excellent and this can be proven by the big shopping bag that I carried back from Shanghai.

Two months in China spent meeting a lot of new people, friends, colleagues…..time just flew by! CRCC Asia made it worthwhile with their excellent hospitality, fantastic accommodation, and of course round the clock support for any single thing you ever thought about. I miss those welcome and leaving drinks parties, charity events, welcome banquet, training sessions, and business seminars already!

Like many others over the last few years, I was not able to find a graduate job upon leaving university. Not wanting to take the first stop-gap soul crushing job I could grab and also not having the money or planning abilities for a gap year, a CV boosting internship seemed the ideal compromise.

While there are a several different places to get internships, both in the UK and abroad, looking ahead (for once!) it was clear that China was where the future lay. Finding CRCC Asia was easy and within days it was all set, I was going to China!

I opted for the joint language and internship 2 month program, figuring that it would give me twice the potential rewards with both a basic grasp of Mandarin and some time working inside an engineering company; and if my internship in Beijing turned out to be a dud I thought I could handle a month of it easier than two but would still get the full China experience.

This turned out to be a brilliant decision, not because my internship was poor, far from it, but because the language classes taught by ‘That’s Mandarin’, were just fantastic. These classes are held in small groups and depending on your own level so they are tailored to you. The teachers are of comparable age to most interns and it doesn’t take long for them to become more than just instructors, but friends too. I never found myself drifting off or spacing out, but constantly laughing and learning. They make it so easy that you’ll be chatting to your waiter before you know it!

As for the internship itself, I was working for an international fine chemicals company based in China but with offices in the States and Germany. My first day I turned up and the manager was off sick! However, I was quickly initiated and introduced by the rest of the staff and by the end of the day knew more about shipping than I thought possible!

I was then given a big project to help the company decide which direction to expand their research efforts based on what was in demand now and what looked to be so in the near to mid future. This allowed me to both work individually when I had a lead but also communicate with all the other staff members to ask for help whenever I needed and to benefit from their own individual takes on the industry.

And if you’re worried about not fitting in or getting to grips with the mysterious Orient, then the CRCC Asia staff are there. They are willing and able to help with any problem, big or small and always with big smiles. CRCC Asia lays on events from renowned guest speakers to eardrum melting KTV (that’s karaoke) sessions with your fellow interns. One activity I’d recommend 110% is the Migrants Children Foundation day where you go to help the charity and rediscover your inner child along the way.

I could go on and on about my experiences, but really you should go and have your own experiences.

I promise you, they’ll be fantastic and you’ll never regret it!

Being involved in the CRCC Internship Program in Shanghai was a truly engaging and invaluable experience, something that has enriched my professional and social life.

On a professional level I was placed as an Associate in an Investment Bank where I generated a detailed valuation database for Chinese companies with which the firm would construct MBO/LBO term-sheets. In this role I was given responsibility that would otherwise be unattainable and learnt from top tier professionals who had a sincere interest in my progression. I feel that I am more valuable to potential employers because of my experiences with the CRCC Asia program.

On a social level Shanghai is a mecca of activity. There are so many things to do and so many people to enjoy it with (especially if you are a CRCC intern). The nightclubs and shopping centers are second to none and the lifestyle is fast paced and full of action. Best of all I have forged everlasting friendships with new people and had a lot of fun in the process.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences with the CRCC Asia program for anything and I would highly encourage people to apply for the program. I hope that it will enrich your life as much as it has enriched mine!

Arriving at the conclusion of my undergraduate degree it was clear that I needed to expand my horizons and explore alternative experiences in order to separate myself from fellow graduates in the ever increasing competitive job market. In todays job environment the calibre of applicants is remarkably high and outstanding academic results are not sufficient to secure sought after positions. I required something that future employers would be seemingly impressed and intrigued by.

Following the completion of my internship in Shanghai a week ago I can guarantee you the CRCC Asia program will deliver this in spades and more, much much more.

Based in Shanghai I underwent my internship at an Investment and Advisory company headed by two Australian entrepreneurs with a particular focus on Agricultural investment opportunities. The company specialized in connecting markets and pools of capital within China, Mongolia and broader Asia with projects in the Western World. The company was terrific as they provided a unique insight into their organisation, the Chinese business environment and the vast array of projects they were undergoing.

The internship itself was above and beyond what I expected and a small spiel on my resume fails to do justice to the experience I have undergone and the knowledge and skills I have obtained.

The work was incredibly enjoyable and rewarding however represented merely a part of my Shanghai experience. Unwittingly I fell head over heels for the city with its picturesque nightline, constant hustle and sleepless streets. The unbroken tune of car horns venting their frustration became a soothing sensation and a constant reminder of the magnitude of the city I had come to love. Shanghai is the mecca for a vigorous fast paced lifestyle and captivates all those that enter.

As an added bonus, without intention my fellow CRCC Asia interns became family as you live in each other’s pockets; dining, socialising and mingling together each day. The wide range of ‘cultural activities’ we underwent were a source of endless entertainment and the Chinese words ‘Gan bei’ (Cheers) seem to have been etched into my brain. Meeting an abundance of amazing people there never seemed a shortage of someone willing to venture out and explore what the amazing city had to offer on a nightly basis. I have made some truly astounding friends and contacts with whom I believe I will keep in contact with well into the future.

To submerge myself into the Chinese culture, which is so vastly different from what I have known in Australia, was an absolute pleasure. China, and Shanghai particularly continually impressed me with something new and exciting each and every day.

Overall my Shanghai experience was truly surreal and my only regret is that I was not able to extend my stay.

To develop myself further I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone, and CRCC gave me this opportunity by helping me immerse myself in an exciting new culture in a planned and safe environment. My time in Shanghai was well organised, with constant social activities and friendly check-ups to make sure I was getting on well. Yet I felt I still had full freedom and independence when I wanted it, sometimes taking time away on my own, or with the many other friendly interns to explore the city and have fun.

My time working in Shanghai made for many fond memories, I made many friends and learnt new cultural skills in anticipating how people from different cultures think and perceive my own actions. I also found that I was given some important responsibilities, and that my manager really wanted to give me tasks that would complement my career path and benefit my CV. Like any job, it was important that I discussed with my manager exactly what I wanted from the internship in Shanghai, and how he could help me, as well as how I could help him.

Shanghai itself was amazing; the business potential, nightlife, and day to day pace of living are why I will return next year.

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