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To describe CRCC Asia in one word, I would use committed.

CRCC Asia is committed to their partners, to their interns, to their work and to their desire to see students from around the world experience China in a safe and effective way.

Since first sending students to China with CRCC Asia in July 2012, our team at the University of Technology, Sydney has been nothing but impressed by the professionalism, dedication and passion that CRCC Asia demonstrates in their internship program and with their interns.

As a university program that sends hundreds of students around the world every year, our priorities are always the safety and value of the experiences. CRCC Asia can be trusted 100% with your students. From beginning to end, CRCC Asia took complete control of the intern experience for our students, allowing us the freedom to know our students were in safe hands before, during and after their experience in China.

We believe CRCC Asia is passionate about allowing students to experience China in all its diversity and opportunity. By providing language lessons, a fantastic social and cultural program and well as internships that are seamlessly matched to our students’ wishes and personal goals, it is obvious that CRCC Asia understands China and is successful in providing an all-round Chinese experience.

From their arrival in China, our students have raved about their experiences, even asking to extend their internship in Beijing because their participation had been so valuable to not only their studies but their future career!

We look forward to a continued partnership with CRCC Asia and a future knowing our students’ eyes will be opened to the endless possibilities in China!

For me, the China experience was more than merely gaining some unique work experience to embellish my CV. It was more about being exposed to a different, broader and less routinised way of thinking. In my two months in Shanghai, I had the chance to meet with interns from countries like England, Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Uganda, Mexico, Australia and the USA. This internationalisation was definitely one of the highlights during my two month internship in Shanghai.

The company in which I was placed for my internship was Costa Coffee. Now, for someone who holds an economics degree, to be in placed in a division that is responsible for managing this iconic brand, did not align with my skillset at all. I was more accustomed to a structured, factual-based and analytical way of thinking. So in addition to arriving in a foreign country, I also entered an industry which I knew zero to none about, and this added a bit of spice to my internship experience. Before I knew it, I was part of a conference call discussing issues like website configuration costing and ‘Google Analytics’. I think that treading on these uncharted waters did a great deal for my confidence in terms of increasing my inclination to learn new things on a regular basis.

After hearing about China being the universal ‘growth miracle’, it was great to actually experience it and to see how things work there. Be ready for a huge culture shock and try make the most from your time in China.

And one other piece of advice: try not to overindulge in Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC.

Working at Morgan was a great insight into how a new brand is created in a country unfamiliar to it and one in which it has little competition. Despite its 100-year history, Morgan is new to China and it was fascinating to be a part of expanding the business, learning of both the advantages of operating in China.

I fulfilled a variety of roles during my month-long internship in Beijing, from assisting with PR to competitor analysis and researching areas for the expansion of the company across China. This lead to a highlight of the internship: the opportunity to travel to Chengdu on a business trip meeting with a partner who will open a Morgan dealership in the city. My primary task on this trip was to ascertain the manner in which Morgan should be presented to the customer in Chengdu and indeed the type of person who may be interested in such a high-end car. This lead me to learn of the difference in the spending habits of the Chinese when compared to Europeans, and that luxury sports cars are bought for differing reasons in China. This was something that I had not considered before my trip.

Back in Beijing, I assisted at photo shoots for the cars and learned of the power of advertising through social networks such as Twitter and Weibo.

I could not have asked for a better internship. The small team at Morgan made me incredibly welcome and I cannot thank them enough for the opportunities that they gave me. Although only there for a month, I learned an invaluable amount about business and logistics in China and of how it differs from European commerce. Beijing was a great city to spend a month in and it was great to be able to get to know a foreign city as a commuter and temporary resident rather than as a tourist, though after a subway commute in high Summer, never again will I complain about the London tube!

I had a fantastic experience with my internship in Beijing. I was given a small non-profit group called the China Carbon Forum which creates forums for stakeholders in the Carbon Sector international network of over 1200 people in government, business and NGOs. The group was a great match with my masters degree in international relations and I developed an array of skills and increased my knowledge greatly of Climate change and insight into governmental processes and relations.

I had a great adventure with a buzzing social life and was able to travel and see and experience so much. I was able to experience the fun of an expat lifestyle whilst becoming fully immersed in the freewheeling craziness of Beijing and deeply fascinating Chinese culture.

Life starts at the end of one’s comfort zone. And nowhere is further from one’s comfort zone than China. New culture, new experience, new people. Everything is staggeringly unexpected.

Some things you will like, others not as much, but you will always learn. Life is not perfect – neither at home, nor in China. But travelling makes you a better person.

I took the Intensive Chinese Language Program and then completed the Internship in Beijing, China, working at UTS WorldWide. Both experiences were amazing.

And, don’t forget, the whole reason for going abroad is exploring. Do the travelling. Embrace the local culture as odd as it may seem. Be part of it. Contribute.

My internship in Beijing with CRCC Asia was a truly exciting and rewarding experience. Having previously travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, the Joint Intensive Language and Internship program satiated my desire for travel and cultural exploration, whilst also providing me with the professional development that I wanted to help me begin my career.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the social side of the program, with many cultural events and nights out in Beijing’s thriving social scene. I made great friends with fellow interns and CRCC staff members, and thoroughly enjoyed living life as a Beijing expat. The connections I made throughout my time in Beijing not only resulted in many new friends, but also a new job! I now work for CRCC in the newly opened Sydney office.

Having spent one month studying Mandarin intensively and interning in Shanghai with CRCC Asia I can safely say interning there was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The language teaching at Mandarin House was highly effective, and myself and my classmate learnt very quickly as a result of the well run school and organised teaching schedule.

Now I have made friends from different cultures, explored a great Asian megacity and I have something special to write on my CV. Definitely a program I would recommend to anyone interested in learning Mandarin and gaining a true cultural experience.

My Internship in Shanghai can only be described as unbelievably rewarding, inspiring, eye-opening, and … fast. Everything was so fast! It wasn’t just the length of the internship; it was the language, the businesses, the people, the trains, the cars! It was a bit of a change from the good ol’ Brisbane life that was for sure and I loved it. It was great to be able to combine work and travel in such a way that it satisfied cultural curiosity whilst providing the professional development that will hopefully give me a leg-up in my career.

My Internship in Shanghai through CRCC Asia was absolutely fantastic. I worked with Shanghai Expat, Ringier China where I had the ability to work in teams as well as independently in this international workplace. I have gained a greater understanding of China and how they have dealt with global changes and trends across many international markets.

I would definitely recommend this internship program. I know I will easily be able to apply all the skills and knowledge I learnt to any future positions that may arise. Shanghai is a fascinating city that I plan on visiting in the near future.

After a disappointing test result in my Mandarin at University before we left for our Christmas holidays, I informed my family of my worry about doing a four year course with such a difficult language. Fortunately a relative knew of CRCC Asia and how they offer an Intensive Chinese Language Program in Shanghai. Plus, what better way to further my knowledge by spending it in the home of Mandarin.

Before I knew it the plane tickets were booked and friends and family couldn’t believe I was going to China alone at 18! It dawned on me how large this trip was; however CRCC Asia were a massive part of my first experience visiting and interning in China and put me at ease.

I am now more than happy to attend my Mandarin lectures!

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