Lindsay Buchanan | Alumni Story


Our intern With the city of Shanghai in the background


“I got more out of my Shanghai experience than I had imagined. I have realised how crucial culture exchange is in your own personal development as well as on an educational level. I now feel the desire to travel to areas I would never even have thought of going.” – Lindsay Buchanan, Business Intern in Shanghai


University: Queen’s Belfast

Sector: Business

City: Shanghai 上海

Programme type: Generation UK – China Internship Programme, July 2017 (2 months)

I have realised the importance of learning a language even if it is just to cover the basics. I consider Mandarin as something I will continue learning or taking further classes in. In China building relationships with work colleagues is important especially getting to know people on a non – professional level as this reflects the relationship in a working environment, people work a lot better together having fun.

On returning back to the UK, I think I will see things a lot differently, I will definitely notice there is less innovation and the things the UK lacks in comparison to China. I am extremely confident that my experience will make me more employable and allow me to advance in graduate opportunities. The things I will miss most is definitely the people, the fun aspects of work life and the noodles!

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