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CRCC Asia offers one, two, and three-month internships in China, allowing you to experience this mesmerizing country and boost your global employability.

Constantly re-imagining itself as it races towards the future, yet inextricably linked to its glorious, but complicated past. China is as mesmerizing as it is complex, and this is your opportunity to work there. CRCC Asia’s program boasts the opportunity to experience an international internship program in a major city in China: Shanghai. Through this global internship program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, cuisine, history, business, and ultimately the immense country itself. Our programs and series of dedicated host-companies will ensure you acquire the most essential skills sought by employers in some of the most exciting and thriving cities around the globe. Simply let us know the Career Field you wish to work in and we do the rest! The wealth of skills and knowledge you will gain during your international internship will vastly increase your career prospects and future global employability. It goes without saying that overseas work experience will enrich your CV or resume, and give you the edge you need to land your dream job.

It’s said that variety is the spice of life. If that’s true, then China is the world’s Carolina Reaper. The country caters for people with every taste. World heritage sites, delicious food, serene water villages, iconic palaces – China has the lot!

China is a magical place. The country’s rise from agricultural landscape to global economic powerhouse has been well documented, but China’s story isn’t finished yet. Through CRCC Asia’s award-winning internship program you can write your own chapter in this cultural behemoth’s rich history.

Cultural landmarks

China is ranked first in the list of countries with the most UNESCO world heritage sites – boasting an outrageous 55 separate landmarks. The most famous is undoubtedly The Great Wall of China, which can be first traced back to the Qin dynasty in 221BC. Today, numerous sections of The Great Wall are open to the public. Badaling is arguably the most restored section – it even has a sky-lift to take people to the top – and is relatively close to Beijing. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could visit the Laolongtou region which stretches across the beach and formally marks the end of the Great Wall.

A short drive from Shanghai will take you to Xi Tang’s ancient water town, a truly serene destination which offers a unique opportunity to experience a completely different way of life. The entire town floats upon the water, with many restaurants and local stores found on boats. Xi Tang also has a touch of Hollywood glamour as it’s the destination used to film the climatic scenes of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 3.

The giant panda bear is native to Southern & Western China, Chengdu is home to the panda research base which is currently the only place in the world you can physically hold a baby panda bear! North of Chengdu is Xi’an, home to the famous Terracotta Army Museum. The sculptures were crafted and buried with the first Emperor of China between 210-209BCE, the belief was that the army would protect him in the afterlife. Remarkably the Terracotta Army wasn’t found until 1974, when two farmers stumbling across them whilst digging a water well.

World-class Cities

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Shanghai is a strong economy that leads to investment, better public services, and an increase in quality of life – all of which is highly evident in the emergence of China’s megacities. Our program location Shanghai benefits from excellent public transport, first-rate dining establishments, and modern office buildings. Not to mention the skyscrapers which dominate each skyline and the world-class universities in each city.

China’s reputation as a forward-thinking tech hub is clearly visible within each of its tier-1 cities. Bullet trains connect each major cities, making them hundred mile journeys possible in a few hours. Whilst apps such as DiDi and Meituan Waimai make ordering taxis and food delivery super easy. Furthermore, cashless payments are in the ascendancy across the country with an estimated 66.8% of the population using their mobile device to make a payment in 2024.

Budget Friendly

Internships in China - RMB

A good time in China can be had on any budget. Shanghai on average is around 40% cheaper than London and 61% cheaper than New York City. Transport (long and short haul), food, utilities, clothing, and general ticket prices are much more affordable in China than in metropolitan cities across Europe and the US.


Shanghai is glamour personified – the city oozes style and class effortlessly. From the iconic Bund waterfront to the city’s old town, via the renowned Jing’an temple – everything you could hope for (and more) is waiting for you here.

CRCC Asia has partnered with Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 3, 6, or 9 academic credits for our international internship programs.

Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of CRCC Asia’s Global Internship Curriculum, CareerBridge, proof of hours worked, reflective essay, and an evaluation from your host company supervisor.

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  • Bradley D

    The internship has been a really solid experience, with so many things happening in the work place, you really get thrown into the culture and are able to experience everything. To sum it up I’ve had an absolutely amazing time here, doing things that I’ve really enjoyed.

    Bradley D
    Marketing, PR & Advertising, Beijing
  • Daniel Pilipczyk

    I chose to do an internship with CRCC Asia as a free elective through my university and I have not been disappointed. If you want to experience a new city in a foreign culture half way around the world and gain some industry relevant skills along the way, then this is the internship for you...

    Daniel Pilipczyk
    Internship Program, Beijing
  • Eleanor Wolverson

    The scholarship seemed a perfect way to combine learning new skills and adventure. Many companies look favourably on internships, and the fact that I undertook an internship in China shows that I have a global outlook ...  Find out more

    Eleanor Wolverson
    Business, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom