Alumni Story | Peran Stivey

Peran Stivey Interning in Shanghai

“You will not want to leave!” Peran Stivey

Peran Stivey graduated from Cardiff University with a degree in International Business back in July 2016.  He decided post-graduation, he wanted to do something interesting and exciting but that would also help excel his career and boost his CV.  That’s when he found CRCC Asia, and decided to undertake a two month internship in Shanghai. He flew out November 2016 and worked in an HR company.

This was Peran’s first time in China – he was excited to try something new and wanted to learn another language, so felt that China was the right place to go.  We asked Peran of he thought the internship experience helped secure him a job:

“I think it definitely does, any sort of international experience looks good.  To set yourself above others in the employment market, you have to do something different these days. Showing that you are out of your comfort zone, working and embracing life in China, does exactly that.”

Peran really made the most of his time out in Shanghai, he enjoyed the company he worked for, the other interns from CRCC Asia and the busy, exciting lifestyle that Shanghai had to offer…  He loved it so much that he decided to stay!

“I travelled all over China – from places like Xi’an and Beijing, and even Xinjiang province.  I also left China and went to South Korea once and Hong Kong twice.”

Once Peran finished his internship, he was offered a full-time position at his host company.  Peran decided that HR was not what he wanted to do long-term, but he did want to stay in Shanghai.  So, through some contacts back in the UK, he joined a digital marketing company in Shanghai in January 2017.

“I worked as an account executive for 12 months, and just earlier this month decided to move back to the UK.  I am still working for the same company but I am now based in London and in charge of Business Development and Client Relationships.”

We want to wish Peran the best of luck in his new role and new home in London!  Thank you for taking time out your busy schedule to chat to us at CRCC Asia, we really do love hearing how everyone is getting on!


Peran Stivey Interning in Shanghai Cafe

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