CRCC Asia attends inaugural Colloquium on New Frontiers in Global Education

Colloquium on New Frontiers in Global Education held at Washington.

Our University Relations Manager, Jillian Low, attended the inaugural Colloquium on New Frontiers in Global Education held at Washington and Lee’s Center for Global Education last week. With a great attendance from a diverse crowd of study abroad providers, educators, language professors and international student supporters, the conversations made great progress on many different topics. See Jillian’s highlights below:

Campus Climate and International Students

A dynamic conversation surrounding international student programming and best practices at US universities in the wake of new policies. Matthew Lee (James Madison University) touched upon best practices for inclusion including having an international team and ensuring examples and references were cross-cultural. As campuses look to integrate their international students with the largest populations coming from China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan, CRCC Asia is excited that our programming could potentially help cross-cultural understanding and integration abroad and on campus.


Legal Challenges: Privacy Law, Risk, and Looming Challenges in a Digital World:

Jennifer Kirkland (Washington & Lee University) noted the benefits of using third party providers, such as CRCC Asia, in developing international programs. On the ground in program locations 365 days a year, program providers are able to deliver updates on security, housing, and climate that a faculty member may not be able to acknowledge or be aware of. She noted that ensuring a clear MOU is created between the provider and university is essential in taking advantage of this opportunity, a policy that CRCC Asia strictly adheres to.


Gender, SES, Racial Gaps in Higher Education

Stephanie Tignor (Virginia Commonwealth University), Malaika Serrano (International Studies Abroad), and Nasha Lewis (William & Mary), highlighted many of the trends in who studies abroad and who doesn’t, expanding on the reasons and challenges including: lack of information, academic fit, diversity of program location, fear, faculty support, financial constraints, and family. CRCC Asia is actively working toward more inclusive programming by seeking to expand funding streams, program career fields, and in-program resources to promote inclusivity and diversity. Joining the conversation on best practices helps us prepare as we forge ahead with new resources to ensure a positive impact.

I think that many of the colloquium attendees may agree that aside from the diverse and engaging conversations, delicious food, and great networking, a program highlight was hearing Dr. Jose Bowen, President of Goucher College, give his open plenary. Goucher College is a feat unto itself with 100% of students participating in study abroad and 17% participating twice.

Dr. Bowen discussed liberal education’s role in an increasing global economy stating succinctly that “ the one who does the work, learns.” His message specifically resonated with CRCC Asia as we are driven to increasing employability skills and experiences abroad, allowing a student to gain firsthand work experience in a foreign country. Dr. Bowen noted, “workplaces are messy, there are no textbooks and by using textbooks we’ve made it too neat.” International internships are exactly the type of opportunity to complement a textbook-driven education getting students into a 9-5 traditional schedule and into the mess – new challenges, collaboration, innovation – of workplaces. His message extended further discussing majors, shifts in employment trends, teaching how to learn and developing a growth mindset. Dr. Bowen also has an unmissable TED Talk, Teaching Naked.

Leaving the conference, CRCC Asia is equipped with a new list of thoughts and ideas to pursue in international programming, and we are excited to look into many new opportunities especially with inclusive programming. A special thanks to Dick Kuttner and Mark Rush from Washington & Lee, for developing and orchestrating the entire weekend. It was a great opportunity to really delve into a vast reach of topics and emerging trends in global education. We are already looking forward to the next colloquium to be held in 2020.

Written by Jillian Low

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