Five things you REALLY ought to do on your first day

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Photo by Breather on Unsplash

Thinking of undertaking an international Internship Program? Here at CRCC Asia, we’ve come up with some top tips for a successful first day at your placement!


1. Stay smart

Nowadays, many start-ups and co-working spaces employ a relaxed dress code. In some countries, business settings don’t even require formal dress. However, you definitely DON’T want to strut into your internship placement in sneakers and your favorite sweatpants (as comfy as they may be) and find out that the dress code is stricter than you first thought! Always dress formally and comfortably on your first day, even if you’ve been told it’s a ‘relaxed’ environment – you can always change it up the next day!


2. Introduce yourself

It’s easy to feel nervous on your first day, but it pays to be bold and introduce yourself to not only your supervisor, but your new colleagues as well! Say hi, ask what people are up to, and remember that snacks go a long way! Lunchtime is always a great opportunity to connect and make an impact within just a few hours of starting.


Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash - to do on your first day

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

3. Set goals, but keep them open

Clear your mind of clutter by noting down any goals that you would really like to achieve during your internship. Why this career field? Why this company? Why here? However, if this is your first time the world of work, keep in mind that the real-life structures and procedures might surprise you, and the experience could be an eye-opener into how industries related to your major actually operate. Your goals may well change on a weekly basis. If you can, look for the online profiles any mentors, supervisors and influencers in the industry. What was their journey? What skills do they have that you would like to try?


4. Read up on your destination

A CRCC Asia internship is a chance to experience industries and operations in a global setting. Remember that something that seems ‘normal’ or ‘common sense’ for you can seem time-wasting or odd in another culture! Instead of becoming frustrated with differences, think about how it can help you broaden your understanding of international sectors and businesses, and how you would adapt your approach for various countries in the future.


5. Write down EVERYTHING

Your Internship Program is a unique opportunity full of experience and transferable skills. The fact that you have undertaken the Program is a sign of adaptability and global awareness. Each day, think of what you have accomplished and what skills were involved – did you work to a deadline? Cooperate as part of a team? Write creative content? Write down any and all examples. You never know when it may come in useful for your resume or as an anecdote during interviews.



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[Featured image by Breather on Unsplash]

Matthew Carter

Head of Digital Marketing at CRCC Asia