5 Reasons To Intern In Shenzhen, China

Intern in Shenzhen

aerial view of the city of Shenzhen

Shenzhen is one of the most rapidly developing cities in the world and is now known as a technology hub for young and aspiring entrepreneurs wishing to take their first steps into forming a start-up business – it’s quickly becoming known as the Silicon Valley of China. Shenzhen was awarded the UNESCO City of Design due to its unique architecture and heavy emphasis on installing a creative belief system amongst their citizens, making this a tech lovers dream. So if you love technology and see yourself as a creative person, Shenzhen is a must-go internship program location for you!  Still not convinced? Well then, here are CRCC Asia’s Top 5 reasons to intern in Shenzhen.

Rapid Modernisation

From a small fishing village of 300,000, Shenzhen has become completely unrecognisable with skyscrapers, museums and contemporary art spaces in abundance. This urban metropolis has exploded from obscurity in the last 30 years. With the population reaching 12 million, this rapid growth has stimulated creativity within the city as new and diverse individuals flock to the city to share their ideas and make their dreams a reality. This highlights not only the modernisation of the city but also of the mindset people have, no longer content having the ‘Made in China’ label, but now quickly edging towards the mentality of ‘Designed in China’.

intern in shenzhen

Technological Hub

It is widely believed that 90% of the world’s electronics are manufactured (or at least partly made) in Shenzhen, as crazy as it sounds it makes sense, you don’t get the nickname of ‘The Silicon Valley of Hardware’ for nothing. Engineers or, as they prefer to be called in Shenzhen ‘Makers’ are the foundation of the city with ‘makerspaces’ located across the city. These makerspaces can be considered the nucleus of the city where great ideas and inventions are made everyday, making them a crucial component to the overall growth and development of the city. Interning in Shenzhen will provide you with a great perspective on how a small concept can be created and ready to go in such a small amount of time.

Shenzhen internship programs
Entrepreneurial Spirit

While you are interning in Shenzhen, you’ll hear the phrase ‘Maker Ecosystem’. This means the sharing and collaboration of ideas amongst the creators. This is a unique mindset as you’d be inclined to believe that creators would want to keep their products to themselves out of fear that their ideas could be copied. Not here, instead collaboration reigns supreme and if an idea does get copied then the Makers see it as a challenge to further improve upon their idea. This means that while there is an element of competition, it’s not the competition of whose product is better, rather than whose product is the most innovative and creative.

Epicentre of Creativity

There are always so many things to do in the city that you’ll never get bored. Excitement and enthusiasm is captured throughout the city in various locations. For example, the OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park is one Shenzhen’s most popular locations due to the chilled and relaxed atmosphere. This shared space allows local artists and designers to showcase their latest creations and there are always events happening. The Shenzhen Culture Centre houses the Shenzhen library and the Concert hall where bands and upcoming artists are able to perform.

Intern in Shenzhen Library
It’s Not All About Tech

Just because Shenzhen is a tech lovers paradise doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do for people who are a little less ‘digital’. The ‘

‘ is an urban garden with thousands of different plants to admire and is perfect for anybody who loves nature. For any history buffs, there is the Shenzhen museum located in the stunning Civic centre and there are many temples across the city allowing you to see the history that this great city has, not to mention the array of amusement parks that offer the locals and tourists alike the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves.

Shenzhen Botanical Gardens


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