How do we choose new Internship Programs Locations?

Shanghai City Scape - how do we choose a new Internship Program Locations

It’s not long until we reveal TWO brand new CRCC Asia Internship Program Locations. Excited? We sure are. Some of you may already have a good idea of where we’ll be taking you next, but how do we choose a new Internship Program Locations? We’ll let you in on our formula:


1. It’s got to be a sector hotspot

Into IT? Love Logistics? We do too! We scout the globe for cities with the best insider knowledge on our 14 sector industries. For example, did you know that Shenzhen, located on China’s Southern coast is a thriving hub for tech and makers? Or how about Ho Chi Minh City’s reputation for start-ups and innovation? Each of our Program Locations are important players in industry fields, and it’s therefore a huge boost for our interns’ CVs and resumes to gain internship experience right in the heart of these international destinations.


2. Somewhere you may not have considered

Shanghai and Tokyo are obviously huge, populated metropolises. However, our locations aren’t based on population. For example, Manchester is third in the list of large cities in the UK, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch when it comes to businesses, culture, and making a name for itself in Europe and further afield. Home to some of the UK’s largest broadcasters, football clubs, and a leader in the music scene, we just had to offer it as a destination! Each of our Program Locations is perfect for a variety of young professionals with different goals in mind.


Chinatown in Manchester - how do we choose a new Internship Program Locations

Chinatown in Manchester

3. Plenty to get involved in

During your downtime, we want to make sure our interns have plenty to keep them occupied. Let’s take Beijing for example – with sights to see including The Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Summer Palace, you’ll never be short of activities. We also like to make sure there’s more than enough for our expert Program Managers to include during our Program’s Cultural Activities, and also look for amazing Community Outreach initiatives to give something back to local communities. This not only allows you the chance to develop yourself in your chosen career field, but also personally through learning about cultures and histories you may not have experienced before.




Community Outreach in Shanghai


4. A special focus on Asia

It’s in our name! As the leading provider of global internships in Asia, we’ve never forgotten our first Internship Program in Beijing over a decade ago, but of course, we’ve grown a lot since then. With offices now in Japan, Vietnam, China (and the UK, for something a little different!), our passion for Asia and its incredible cities continues to grow. Stay tuned to find out where we’ll be opening our doors next!


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Featured photo by Shaun Butcher