China Goes Global in Cambridge

Tuesday 29th May: CRCC Asia hosted their 4th annual China Goes Global event at Cambridge Judge Business School and later at Pembroke College, discussing the use of Confucian ideals in the development of Artificial Intelligence in China.


Professor Daniel Bell of Tsinghua University was the guest speaker, and he was joined by a group of senior and expert panelists Graham Perry, Liu Yang, Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh, and David Brooks who were assisting the discussion.


sitting in group at the Annual China Goes Global Event


The goal of Professor Bell’s lecture was an exploration of how the Confucian ideals affect the creation and future uses of AI in China, and the contrast between Chinese goals and the more libertarian, value-driven Silicon Valley.  In addition they discussed the issues of basing AI function on personal ethics versus community values, and how AI could upend the master/slave relationship between humans and machines.


china goes global presentation crcc asia


CRCC Asia announced two scholarship winners from Pembroke College who will participate in internships in Asia during the upcoming 12 months, and a further scholarship for Judge Business School students was opened for applications.

Following the lecture, participants were invited to a traditional Cambridge dinner where topics of AI and philosophy in machinery were further discussed between attendees.  

This event was sponsored by the Kirkwood Family Foundation and CRCC Asia.


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