Why pay for an International Internship Program?

Why pay for an internship program with CRCC Asia

It’s a fair question to ask. The concept of paying for work experience can be difficult to wrap your head around. So what exactly does it mean to pay for an ‘Internship Program? Our Admissions Adviser Andy breaks it down:


Why Pay for an International Internship Program Written by Andy Radelet

 First of all, let’s start by looking at the difference between an “internship” and an “Internship Program.”

An “internship” is exactly that – a short-term work experience within an established company or organization. An internship is an opportunity to gain real-world skills applicable to your potential career path, but also a chance for you implement skills you have developed from years of education in a working environment. Being short-term (usually 1-3 months), they give you a chance to ‘test the waters’ of an industry or type of company you may see yourself working for in the future. Furthermore, many recruiters and employers agree that job candidates with a more diverse background of skill sets are certainly looked upon more favorably in the hiring process.


The difference between ‘interning’ and ‘interning abroad’

Finding an internship opportunity is one thing, but it can get a lot more complicated if you plan on interning abroad. Travelling to another country for an internship brings with it a LOT of logistical factors that need to be arranged ahead of time. These can include:

  • Finding an network of business contacts
  • Navigating an unfamiliar on-boarding process (often in another language)
  • Finding a safe place to live
  • Attaining the proper visa
  • Being aware of the host country’s culture and business etiquette
  • A support system in case of emergency

Sounds like a lot? That’s where an International Internship Program provider such as CRCC Asia can step in to help!

CRCC Asia interns in Shenzhen - Why pay for an international internship program?

CRCC Asia interns get an introduction to their new home in Shenzhen


Internship Programs are of course primarily focused on your internship and providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience of professional development. However, they also take into account the other living arrangements and support that factor into interning abroad.


What does the fee go towards exactly?

We split our prices into four components:

Accommodation | On-the-ground events and staff support | Business Operations | Internship provision and services

Let’s break it down even more. We’re at your side from the beginning, providing assistance in filling out some tricky visa forms and guiding you through the visa application process. We get you set up and ready for your departure date, and are there in person on the other side waiting to collect you from the airport after a long flight (post-flight naps in the taxi, please!).


CRCC Asia interns at airport pickup - Why pay for an International Internship Program?

CRCC Asia staff meet interns at the airport to ensure they get to their accommodation safely


You won’t need to worry about finding a house-share abroad or contacting landlords for documentation, as we make sure you have fully-furnished and serviced living accommodation sorted and ready for you on arrival. Our participants also live with other interns on the CRCC Asia Internship Program, each with their own private bedroom. We recruit from all over the world, so you will get the chance to meet other motivated and globally minded young people from many different backgrounds.

Furthermore, interns have a direct 24hr emergency line to our trained Program Management staff in case of emergency during your internship abroad. Our Program Managers are also available to message with any questions you might have during the daytime, including where to buy a cheap umbrella, how to navigate the subway, or even advice about your internship! We can also meet up with you in person for a chat and a coffee.

Our CRCC Asia Internship Program staff also work hard to research and write your city guides, and to find some of the best experiences in town. These events form our Program of cultural activities, community outreach, and business seminars during your internship in Japan, China, Vietnam, South Korea or the UK, so you’ll never be short of experiences to draw upon in any future job interviews.


CRCC Asia Tokyo interns attend a drumming class to learn more about Japanese culture


Similar to study abroad

International Internship Programs are similar to study abroad programs. It’s a community of students and young professionals, dedicated staff ready to help you attain your personal and professional goals, and free time on weekends to explore the country or region you are visiting. The main difference is instead of attending classes each day, you are developing key skills in a real-life workplace by interning abroad with a company in your chosen career field. You’ll also have a very interesting experience to add to your resume!


Inclusion and access

Although there are many reasons as to why there is a fee for an international Internship Program, CRCC Asia has been working over the years to make our Programs accessible for all. We partner with numerous universities worldwide, as well as government partnerships that aim to provide young professionals with the funding they need to undertake a placement abroad. We also recently added five new 2019 Inclusion Initiative Scholarships to further provide access to applicants from underrepresented groups.

To conclude, any international experience is beneficial in the long-run. Whether you are studying abroad at a university or just travelling for pleasure, the experiences you will have will stay with you for the rest of your life. That being said, few college students have time to study abroad and intern while being a full-time student at the same time. CRCC Asia bridges that gap. Join our community of nearly 9,000 alumni from over 150 different countries. Work, explore, and have the time of your life!

Our Internship Programs are available in 9 locations and across 18 internship sectors. We hope that cleared up the commonly asked question of ‘Why pay for an international Internship Program?’! To get started on journey of a life-time, apply today!