Recruiting Global Ambassadors for 2019

Global Ambassadors 2019 Intern Alumni

Already interned with us? Get even more experience and skills on your resume with CRCC Asia!


Written by Destina Thompson


Calling all recent CRCC Asia interns! We’re looking for motivated, hard working, and passionate individuals with intern abroad experience to fill our 2019 Global Ambassador roles.


Global Ambassadors is a semester-long program aimed at our recent interns. We are looking for alumni either at university or recently graduated, who are eager to talk about their CRCC Asia internship with their classmates, tutors, and to join our Intern Influencers on social media.


Global Ambassadors 2019 Shanghai Alumni

Give your resume a boost! The Global Ambassador role offers varying experience across a range of skills.


Employability skills


Let’s face it, having to juggle your studies with about 100 other things at university is not easy. On top of that, you also have to think about your future career, job applications, CV’s/resumes and, well, the list goes on.


Furthermore, if you’ve just started the in new world of full-time employment, you may be finding it hard to navigate your way through your new position, let alone having the time to widen your professional development.


The Global Ambassador Program 2019 has been designed with all of this in mind. You’ll be:


  • Working alongside our lovely University Relations and Marketing teams
  • Demonstrating your communication and media skills
  • Building your personal brand online
  • Gaining a platform to widen your international network


A better resume


In today’s job market, showing that you have made proactive use of your free time can often be a requirement for entry-level positions.  Now that you already have your CRCC Asia internship to boost your CV/resume, why not go even further and apply all the skills you developed during your Program? Whats more, you won’t have to commit yourself to a rigorous schedule or office hours.


As a Global Ambassador you will demonstrate that you have gone above and beyond in working towards a goal that you are passionate about. This is a great way to showcase your passion for education, outreach, travel, media, or networking.


Global Ambassadors Program 2019 University Fair

Picture this: You could be representing CRCC Asia at your university


A global professional experience platform


Lastly, this is a chance to give back. You will get to connect with students who will look up to you and your experiences. You will also be representing your university in a global industry. Make the most of your CRCC Asia Internship Program with this limited-time opportunity.


Ready for another CRCC Adventure? To become a Global Ambassador, email [email protected] for a copy of the application pack. We look forward to your application!