How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Two people in an office - How to prepare for a job interview

How To Prepare For a Job Interview

Looking for tips on how to prepare for a job interview? Can you still wear pajamas if it’s over Skype? Our Manchester General Manager Andrea lists the top tips to help you keep your cool before an interview. 

How to prepare for a Job Interview Written by Andrea McWilliam, CRCC Asia Admissions Adviser.

Always do your research!

It is vital that you thoroughly prepare for a job or internship interview. Think about the history of the company, any recent press attention, and consider looking at competitors. Don’t just spend all your time looking at the company website – it will give you a good idea of the company, but by looking in lots of different areas you will gain a wider view! (You may even find some negative areas you hadn’t considered!)


How to prepare for a job interview research the company

Get a good idea of the company culture before applying. Is this the industry you’d like to go into?


Don’t keep it casual

It is crucial to dress appropriately (even if it is only a phone or Skype interview!) This will not only make you feel more confident but imagine if the interviewer asked you to stand up and you had pajama bottoms on!


Any questions?

Prepare questions to ask at the end of the job interview- make sure these are well thought out. It’s always a good idea to prepare a few good questions, just in case anything already gets answered during the interview.


Plan ahead

Predict questions you may be asked and prepare answers- What will you bring to the company? Why should we hire you? What are your strengths/weaknesses? Think about good examples, use the EAR method!
e.g Can you give us an example of when you overcame a difficult situation?
E – Explanation of Event – give a quick summary of what happened
A – Action – explain the action you decide to take and why
R – Resolution – What was the outcome?


How to prepare for a job interview plan ahead

Spend time researching the company beforehand – it will be obvious if you’ve only read the homepage!


Is this company right for you?

Understand the company culture and the consider if you are genuinely a good fit prior to the job interview. Does the company value work-life balance? Is it more traditional and corporate? Is it an exciting fresh new start up? Try and understand the culture and emulate this throughout your interview.



Do some background work

Give the company a look on Linkedin, or even better, you can check who your interviewer will be. This is going above and beyond and will reflect really well. It shows you have a genuine interest in the role you are applying for.



No rehearsals

Although it is always good to prepare for a job interview, avoid the trap of over-preparing! Try and bullet point your notes instead of writing full paragraphs. This will avoid being thrown off if your interviewer interrupts you while you are explaining a pre-rehearsed answer.


How to prepare for an internship coffee and notepaper

While it’s good to prepare notes beforehand, try not to look down or read them during the interview!

Consider your body language

Take some time to understand what crossed arms signify. A good tip is to try and emulate your interviewer’s body language. Sit up straight, smile and try and control any nerves as best as you can.


Turn your phone off

There is nothing more distracting that a phone going off during a job interview. This will not only come across as rude but it may distract you during the middle of a very good answer! Make sure your phone is turned off, as well as any alarms.


Get some sleep!

This sounds obvious, but it is essential that you get a good night’s sleep. This will make sure you are at the top of your game during the job interview.


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How an internship can help in a job interview:

  • An internship abroad can be a way to discuss your adaptability in the workplace.
  • Prior experience in a professional setting can give you confidence in a formal interview.
  • An internship provides you with examples of tasks, research, and problem-solving to draw upon.