Insights into a Blockchain Internship in Vietnam

Carloz Marquez standing at reception desk of Infinity Blockchain Labs on his Blockchain Internship with CRCC Asia

Written by CRCC Asia Ho Chi Minh City Blockchain Intern: Carlos Marquez

Summer of 19′ came along with a handful of new experiences. Working in SE Asia for the first time, traveling for 43Hrs straight, meeting professionals from different continents and being involved with blockchain technology. Learning this innovative and trending technology seemed to be a complex task at first, but in 8 weeks of my CRCC Asia blockchain internship, the results were more than satisfactory.


Blockchain technology is not a secret anymore. Even if you are not interested in it, learning the basics of it should be in your plans. During my internship in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), I learned how blockchain technology can be implemented in everyday operations through various innovative applications. Infinity Blockchain Labs has become one of the main blockchain innovators in Vietnam and SEA. For example, IBL has developed projects for traceability (Wowtrace), eWallet (Infinito), Identity protocol for IoT (Blockpass), among other innovative projects.


Coming with Use Cases was part of my role, as well as learning how this software operates. One of their projects, GINAR, is the one I was directly involved with. GINAR is a SaaS (Software as a Service) company providing dRNG (Decentralized Random Number Generation) applications for iGaming, Gambling, Lotteries, and Banking. You might be thinking about what could be the uses for this kind of software. Believe me, there are plenty of useful applications for this.

To give you a quick example and try to employ Layman’s terms on the functioning and importance of a dRNG, here is a scenario:

You are playing online poker, either just for fun or because you are a recurrent gambler. Whenever you lose a hand, don’t you feel that you are being cheated with the outcomes of the game either by the host or possibly other players? GINAR’s dRNG guarantees that results are truly random and that the system cannot be hacked. All of this, while providing a verifiability feature that allows confirming the results. This simply means, that in this particular situation, cards will be truly aleatory and nobody will alter the results.


After my blockchain internship and stay Vietnam, I felt there was not enough time to travel around it. But, with regards to my job experience, the takeaways were numerous in such a short time. The main one, a newly discovered passion for blockchain technology, thanks to my experience with IBL and GINAR. Connecting with several professionals from different industries, making friends and learning about a new business culture are only a few reasons why going abroad is such an exceptional and highly recommended experience. Hopefully, this article provides you with motivation for capable individuals to expand horizons and challenge themselves while creating meaningful memories and developing new expectations.

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