Life After College? Intern Abroad!

Life after college

Congratulations! You’ve worked super hard over the last few years and now you’ve graduated with your degree in hand, ready to start the next chapter. The only problem is: you’re not sure what life after college looks like for you. First of all, don’t worry! It’s much more common than what you think. In fact, 44% of undergraduates claim ‘they don’t know what they want to do after graduation’.

Traditionally, the two most common choices are to go travelling or to start work straight away. There’s no right or wrong answer here but both options have pros and cons. Travelers traditionally get the ‘horizon broadening’ experience and have a great time but lose ground in the career market to their peers who entered employment straight away. Whilst on the other hand, workers tend to regret missing out on the chance to explore new cultures, meet new people, and try new things.

It’s a tough one but there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. Interning abroad gives you all the benefits of travelling whilst also boosting your career prospects. It enables you to have an amazing experience without the guilt of postponing your career.

Placement in your chosen career field

One of the biggest challenges recent graduates face during life after college is trying to break into their chosen career field. Competition for entry-level jobs is Über-competitive, with each corporate job opening attracting 250 resumes on average.

What sets the CRCC Asia program apart, is that we guarantee to place you in a career field chosen by you. You’ll have a hands-on role working on projects that make a difference within your host company; whilst also learning industry knowledge and picking up skills which are highly sought after by employers. A phenomenal 82% of interns find themselves in a graduate caliber job within six months of completing our program.

An unforgettable international experience

We’ve got nine program locations – Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Kansai, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City,  and Manchester – to choose from, each one packed full of adventures waiting to happen. You’ll be living in the heart of whichever city you choose, fully immersed in the culture, mixing with locals, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Our programs have something for everyone! We run regular cultural and social events for our interns to mingle and learn more about the local culture. Recent events include a Yukata & tea drinking ceremony in Tokyo; dumpling making in Beijing; and a stadium tour of Manchester United’s ground in Manchester.

Life after college

Create an international social circle

Making friends when interning abroad is really easy to do! You’ll be mixing with all the other interns in your program location, who share the same mindset as you, and who you instantly have something in common with. What’s great about our program is that it’s truly international, we accept interns from across the globe, meaning that you’ll widen your friendship group in both numbers and miles.

Boost your global employability

Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, that’s it, you’ll want to do it more and more. International internships are a fantastic gateway into living and working abroad full-time. You will always be able to use the experience as a yardstick in interviews to say “I’ve worked abroad before and it was a great success”. A glowing reference from your host company could be what clinches you landing other jobs in foreign countries60% of hiring managers and CEOs value an international study experience.

Also, lets not forget the valuable career connections you’ll make when working in your host company. Research into our own alumni network tells us that 20% of CRCC Asia interns are offered a permanent position by their host company after completing their internship.


Heard enough about life after college? Head over to our How It Works Page to learn more about the application process and what’s included within the program.